4 ‘Alternate’ Holiday Destinations for Teachers

4 'Alternate' Holiday Destinations for Teachers

Goodness knows that if anyone deserves a holiday, it’s teachers… but it doesn’t always work out that way and you end up doing everything but having a holiday. Here are some ideas if you’re strapped for time, cash or both.

The Garden


Ahh, the great outdoors! The smell of freshly-cut grass, the budding flowers, the neighbours poking their head over the fence and chatting to you just as you slip into that day-dream where you’ve fooled yourself into thinking that you might actually be on the Algarve.

The Big Stationery Shop

Less of a holiday and more a day-trip… it’s a 45-minute drive out of town but my goodness, the selection! Colours of paper you’ve never seen before, boxes of pencils, pens, labels and more for a fraction of the price of that place on the high street. Nothing is more exciting than a trip to a stationery shop to re-stock for next year.

Visiting the Parents/In-Laws


They may very well live in Wakefield but a weekend in the guest bedroom at your parent’s house is an adventure in its own right… and if you’re lucky, all of the cooking is done for you too. If you think really hard, it’s like being in a B&B where the owners know plenty of embarrassing stories about you and aren’t hesitant to bring them up in front of your significant other.

Your Classroom

By week 4 of the summer break, you might feel ready to go back to school if life at home is leaving you a little stir-crazy. Why not take yourself into school, tear down your old displays and put up some lovely new ones just in time for September? The school is dead quiet, no one else is there. You can belt out your music as loud as you like and swipe the resources you need for next year before anyone else arrives. How relaxing!

So that’s it! Hopefully, this has kick-started holiday fever with some exciting and unusual holiday ideas you can take. Or, perhaps, the desired effect of inspiring you to at least consider a long weekend in Prague.

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