4 April Fools’ Day Pranks Teachers Can Play

April Fools’ Day is a day of wariness on all fronts. You can’t believe anything you read, hear or see and those excuses your students offer for no homework or being late are dealt with even greater scrutiny. That being said, get into the spirit of it. Here are some great pranks you can play on your students, your friends and your family as a teacher.

Tell Your Students You Marked Their Assessments Last Night


They only handed them in at period 5 yesterday. A day late. As usual. They probably haven’t left the back seat of your car yet but despite the work arriving late to your desk, they almost expect them to be marked immediately. Raise their hopes and dash them by telling them that you’ve finished them already before you crack up and reveal the truth. Absolutely devilish.

Agree to That Trip to the Pub

simon pegg.gif

Your friends have been asking and asking and asking you for weeks to make the pub quiz. You’re a marvel at the spelling round and your general knowledge isn’t that bad either, so they keep telling you. Absolutely stun them this evening by agreeing to go along.

Tell Your Department You’re Leaving before 6p.m.


You what?! You’re never out before 6!” Knock your colleagues for 6… by leaving before 6p.m. They’ll wonder if something’s wrong, or if they know you too well they’ll probably just roll their eyes and respond with a ‘Yeah, right. Can’t fool me.’ You could double down on this one and actually do it too.

Tell Your HOD That Yes, You Definitely Filled in That Data Spreadsheet

trying not to la.gif

“Definitely. Without a doubt. Did I not reply to your email about it? I’m sure I sent it to you yesterday if not the day before…” knowing full-well the email is sat in your own inbox unread.

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