5 Signs You’re No Longer the New Teacher

5 Signs You're No Longer the New Teacher

Being the new teacher is hard work. The wider school hasn’t learned your name yet. You’re not quite in the good books with reprographics and IT  yet to get your jobs bumped to the top of the list. The students test your resolve more than the experienced teachers and you can still get lost walking from one side of the school to another but before you know it, you’re no longer the new teacher on the block…

Graduating from being the New Teacher

The New Teacher Behaviour Management Strategies Pay Off

One concerned NQT

Students know who you are at this point and you’re suddenly finding that your firm hand and willingness not to bend on the school rules has paid off. Students don’t dare put a foot wrong with you because you mean what you say and you say what you mean. Your behaviour management becomes air-tight.

You’re Comforting the NQT/Trainee with the Same Problems You Had

New Teacher solidarity

That first year is hard and you’re no longer a new teacher the moment you realise not only did you make it through that tough year, but you’re now helping them make it through too. “Too much marking… the planning makes no sense… there aren’t just enough hours in the day.” You come along and save the day with tea, a hug and some sage advice.

Your Non-Teaching Workload Has Begun to Skyrocket

Non-essential NQT tasks at maximum!

Not satisfied with too much marking, planning and assessments… you’ve said yes to a few other tasks that you really, really don’t have time for – but you recognise that as a sign that you’re getting good at this. Suddenly you’re in charge of several after-school clubs, running and organising school trips for your department and considering applying for that literacy-lead role.

Your Dress-Sense Goes out of the Window

New Teacher dress sense

Gone are the carefully-planned and meticulously colour-matched NQT outfits that exude professionalism… in are the cosy items like an oversized jumper, hair that’s absolutely wild and several layers just to make sure that you don’t get too cold during your PPA time.

A Night on the Sofa Sounds like the Best Idea Ever

New Teacher dreams

“Want to come over for dinner tonight? How about a film on Wednesday? No? Well, we’re going for a walk on Saturd-oh, okay. Well, let me know if you change your mind.” 

You’ve no shame in telling anyone that you fancy an evening on the sofa in a sweatshirt and jogging bottoms. Living your best non-new teacher life.

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