5 Things All Teachers Need More Of

Teachers do a particularly important job of nurturing and fostering the minds of the next generation and while it’s not an entirely thankless job, sometimes appreciation wouldn’t go amiss. Especially during exam season.

Here are 5 things teachers could do with more of in their lives.

More Money


Couldn’t we all? But when you consider that a number of teachers work late into the evening without fail and give up a sizeable chunk of Sundays to ensure they’re ready for Monday means that the salary doesn’t always add up. Then you consider the pressure that comes with the job and suddenly it makes sense: teachers could leave teaching and earn far more doing far less.

More Time


Hingeing on the last point, teachers could always do with more time. More time to get that pile of marking done. More time to finish the planning. More time to spend with friends, family and generally socialising. It’s reported that some teachers are punishing themselves with 60-hour weeks and realistically, that’s not on.

More Support


More amazing teaching assistants would be a good start – any teacher who has had the support of a TA will forever sing their praises. A good friend in the department is always a must just in case things get a bit much. The support of parents is an absolute game-changer when working with challenging students, too.

More Funding


A good teacher could teach with little more than an attentive audience and their own voice but that doesn’t mean that a teacher should have to rely that. More funding to take students on trips would massively enrich learning, better resources mean engaging lessons and when teachers can comfortably rely upon having money to spend if they need it, the better life is for everyone.

More ‘Thank Yous’

thank you.gif

And here we come full circle. Despite saying that teaching isn’t always thankless… sometimes a teacher can go days or weeks without hearing those two simple words that suddenly make them feel appreciated and valued. Teachers could definitely do with more ‘thank yous’ in their life.

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