5 Things All Teachers Should Do In The First Week Of The Summer Holidays 

The wait is over, the summer holidays are here! Here’s a virtual high five to you for making it through one of the most bizarre years in teaching – ever. When you’re so used to working all the time, having nothing to do can feel quite odd. If you haven’t planned anything already, Beyond is here to offer you a little direction with positive things to do in the summer holiday break.

Here are five sumptuous suggestions for kicking off your summer holidays:

1. Avoid doing any school work

The temptation to “get ahead” or “catch up” is alluring but do-not-give-in. Whatever work you think you’re behind on can wait. This school year has stretched and challenged even the most put-together teachers out there, so you’re within your rights to chill out. The work will still be there once you’re fully rested and have had time to recover.

2. Visit a museum 

Museums have a wealth of information. They contain historical, scientific, artistic and culturally interesting objects from all over the world. Being a teacher forces us to step out of the student position, this is necessary in our day jobs, but not so much in the summer. Visiting museums can take you back to the explorative state many of your students are in. You get to explore and learn just for the fun of it. The world is bigger than exam boards and marking.

3. Go to the park

When was the last time you played on the swings or slid down a slide? Yes, we know it’s a little childish but it’s just so much fun! All of the responsibilities of adulthood can make you so uptight, it’s necessary to do things that make you feel like a carefree kid again. Do you remember seeing those miserable older people when you were younger? Stop yourself from becoming one of them. Going to the park is simple, fun and free, why not go?

4. Buy yourself a present

Why not say a big, fat well done to yourself for getting through this year, with your sanity intact  (well, most of it) and treat yourself to a present? Waiting for others to appreciate you can be a waste of time, especially as a teacher. You know you’ve worked hard so it’s time to reward yourself. If there’s something you’ve been eyeing up but constantly putting it off until the “later” that never comes, the time to buy is now! Put a smile on your face this summer holiday.

5. Go on a boat ride

It is said that being near water can help to lower anxiety. The movement of the waves can be super-soothing and relaxing because the water allows you to unplug. You can reconnect to your five senses and enjoy where you are right now. A boat trip is an exciting adventure. Most of us don’t travel on water often so you will have the opportunity to broaden your experiences and try something new. 

Start the summer off right with these five things. If you want more awesome activities to do this summer download Beyond’s Secondary Teacher Summer Bucket List for free and make your summer the best ever! 

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  1. This would be the inner desires of many teachers and students. Vacations are there to enjoy, so why not take time for yourself? This post will help ease many teachers who worry about work, even on holidays.

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