5 Topics to Avoid on a Date with a Teacher

When you’re a teacher, you learn fairly quickly that your job is fair game. Most people went to school, so most people have an opinion on how schools should be run. And the more relaxed these people get, the more alcohol they imbibe, the keener they seem to be to share these opinions. So, if you want to keep your cool on a date with a teacher, here are five topics to avoid at all costs.


It’s a classic that never gets old. Someone starts to discuss their break to Spain that summer, and somehow the conversation has diverted to how much holiday teachers get. You only work half the year is a particular favourite of mine designed to get the blood boiling. So, if your date starts talking about their upcoming mini-break, move swiftly on.


If someone at the table confesses they’re feeling stressed at the moment, then run for cover because it won’t be long before the discussion reaches the claim that teachers are always stressed. How stressful can it be? they’ll ask, you get off at half three! Avoid a stomach ulcer – just don’t go there.


Teenagers always get a raw deal – every generation seems to think young people are so much worse than they were in their day. Usually, this is based on nothing more than seeing a group of teenagers in the local park, but it’s astounding how wound up people can get about the youth of today. Sure, some young people are difficult, but then so are some adults. As a teacher, you know just how bright and brilliant today’s teenagers are, so don’t get involved in a conversation that is sure to hear them badmouthed.


It’s a golden rule as a teacher: don’t start on politics. If you do, you’ll get sucked into an argument about underfunding, educational priorities, and grammar schools. That way madness lies.

School uniform

Every so often, a debate about school uniform reaches the mainstream media, and opinions get heated very quickly. But even when it’s not in the news, uniform remains a hot topic. Either people are vehemently opposed to any uniform at all, or they seem to think that teachers should be chasing students down the street, telling them to pull their tuck shirts in and do their ties up. You can’t win, so don’t even try.

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