6 Signs That Exam Season Is Upon Us

Ah, exam season. Panic, tears and tantrums all round. Here are some telltale signs you might’ve already noticed.


Pupils who’ve not listened to a word you’ve said for the best part of two years suddenly want to know what’s going on.

calendar (1).gif

You know the exam dates better than you do the significant dates with your significant other. Fingers crossed for no clashes.


Your own mind is as fried as those of your students. PEEL paragraphs are beginning to read more like ELPE to all concerned.


Students on grade borders are being pulled out of lessons for intervention upon intervention. Moreover, SLT have now learnt all these pupils’ names and don’t they just want everyone to know it.


The rising pollen count is playing havoc with your middle set. You are unduly worried that the able kids with messy handwriting will be further handicapped by submitting snot-encrusted exam papers.


You’re actually starting to look forward to prom almost as much as the pupils. However, unlike the girls who picked out their dresses in Year 10, your outfit definitely won’t be chosen until the night before.

What are the tell-tale signs in your school?

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