GCSE Science Revision Mats: A Love / Hate Relationship

Becky Driver explains the complicated feelings she has for the science revision tool. Well, what can I say about these resources? I have developed a kind of love hate relationship with this revision material. Why? you may ask. Why the hate? When I started at Twinkl, nearly two years ago, I was given the task of producing a set of GCSE revision mats. The very detailed brief was, make some revision mats! An easy task you may think? Think again. I started to plan how they would be set up: higher, foundation, separate, combined, biology, chemistry, physics, AQA, Edexcel and … Continue reading GCSE Science Revision Mats: A Love / Hate Relationship

Christmas 2020 with Beyond

Staggered? Don’t Be.

It’s been easy to feel snowed under this term with teaching combined with masks, bubbles, open windows, social distancing, litres and litres of alcohol gel (if only it was drinkable…) and pupils randomly in and out of school. But at … Continue reading Staggered? Don’t Be.