A Level Online Resources with Beyond: Advanced

A Level Online Resources with Beyond: Advanced

Beyond does not stop at KS4, we go further! Support your KS5 students’ academic success with Beyond: Advanced and our A Level online resources. Our carefully crafted KS5 material is designed to supplement your existing lessons by adding depth, efficiency and ease. We offer a wide selection of A Level English, Maths and Science resources that inspire your students and encourage learning in your classroom. You can find the full collection of Beyond: Advanced resources here.

KS5 English Resources: A Level Online Resources

English Literature 

A Level Online Resources: Exploring Motif in English Literature.

Exploring Motifs in English Literature

Exploring motif, theme and symbolism is a core concept for A Level English Literature, no matter what text you are studying. Support your students’ learning by using our Exploring Motifs in A Level English Literature Worksheet. Get your KS5 students identifying, exploring and jotting down all the motifs that catch their attention while analysing texts. This handy sheet stores all your students’ analysis in one convenient place, which means no more rummaging through books, folders and random bits of scrunched up paper. Learners are asked to consider literary symbolism in relation to other examples they might have found and draw conclusions and comparisons accordingly.

Simple, effective and efficient, our Exploring Motifs in English Literature Worksheet is a KS5 essential when studying novels, plays or textual extracts.This worksheet is particularly useful when used in conjunction with our Analysing Setting in A Level English Literature Worksheet.  You can find more engaging KS5 English Literature resources on our website.

English Language 

A Level Online Resources English Language

DIY A Level English Language Analysis Revision

Make revision easy for your KS5 English Language students with our A Level English Language Analysis Revision sheet. This resource helps your students organise all their knowledge of English Language methods into a simple table they can use for analysis later on. 

This knowledge organiser is ideal for revision because it features a selection of prompts relating to the different methods of analysis such as phonetics, phonology, pragmatics, grammar and discourse. Your students can make notes and jot down everything that sticks out to them in your lessons. Their revision notes stay in order because everything they need to know about methods is on one simple sheet! That’s not all we’ve got, discover more of our linguistic KS5 goodies here.

KS5 Maths Resources: A Level Online Resources

A Level Online Resources: Indices and Index Laws

Indices and Index Laws

Your students can delve deeper into the wonderful world of indices and index laws with Beyond: Advanced’s Indices and Index Laws resource. 

Help your KS5 students build on their prior knowledge of GCSE indices and algebraic simplification content using our versatile resource pack. Beyond: Advanced’s Indices and Index Laws resource combines indices and index laws materials presented in different ways to accommodate multiple approaches to learning. You can work through slideshows, worksheets and independent learning sheets and find the best for your students. The resource pack is perfect for classroom teaching, home learning or independent study.

Your learners will tackle tasks that involve finding the value of x, expanding brackets, finding common factors, writing in standard form and more. The resource provides an ideal platform for topic practice or revision prior to assessments. 

A Level Online Resources Logarithms

Logarithms Pairs Game

Maths doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Excite your KS5 students with this wonderful Logarithms Pairs Game. This logarithms activity is highly accessible as well as interactive, meaning your students will be able to develop their Maths skills with ease. It’s a memory-based activity that requires retention of logarithm positioning before matching them to their corresponding power or root. The aim of the game is for you students to match each logarithm revealed to the power or root. It’s an ideal task for KS5 students and can be used to reinforce content you teach in class. 

Beyond: Advanced offers a wide range of time-saving A Level resources to support you and your KS5 students. 

KS5 Science Resources: A Level Online Resources


A Level Online Resources Biology

DNA and RNA: A Level Biology Multiple Choice Questions

Reinforce your KS5 Biology students’ learning with Beyond: Advanced’s DNA and RNA: A Level Biology Multiple Choice Questions. This resource includes a set of sixteen queries on these classic single and double-stranded molecules. It fully explains the molecular structure, the role and function of each molecule and provides examples for each one. This makes this resource perfect for providing an overview of your students’ understanding and reinforces the basics. You can use our DNA and RNA: A Level Biology Multiple Choice Questions as a starter or plenary, the choice is yours!


KS5 Chemistry

Ideal Gas Molecules and Absolute Temperature Bundle

This KS5 Chemistry bundle covers some of the most important laws governing the behaviour of ideal gas molecules. The resources covers Boyle’s law, Charles’ law and Gay-Lussac’s law. It includes a reading comprehension on the behaviour of ideal gas molecules, a match and draw activity and a set of exam-style calculation questions.

The resources are easily adaptable for all learning needs and abilities, so none of your students will be left behind. Your learners will be posed questions such as “Describe how to convert degree Celsius into absolute temperature?”, and will have to answer them using our carefully crafted worksheets that are easy to print and download PDFs. 


Atomic Structure KS5 Worksheet

A Level Chemistry: Atomic Structure MCQ Worksheet

Introduce your A Level Chemistry students to the Atomic Structure topic with Beyond: Advanced’s Atomic Structure MCQ Worksheet. The MCQ worksheet includes 10 questions about atomic structure, the periodic table and subatomic particles. This resource covers atomic numbers, charges, mass, protons, neutrons and electrons so you can introduce them to some new topics and find out what they can remember from GCSE. You have the option to use our printable or interactive worksheets to test your students on atomic structure and monitor their progress. 

With this Atomic Structure MCQ Worksheet to refer back to, your students will know which areas to focus on for revision and exam preparation. 

If you like what you see, go to our website and enjoy our full range of KS5 Science resources.

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