A Level Teaching Resources from Beyond

A Level Teaching Resources from Beyond

Yep, you heard us correctly – A level resources! We’re branching out into the world of higher education and bringing our trademark style, expertise and thoroughness with us. If you’re looking for A Level teaching resources, go Beyond.

To begin with, we wanted to ensure that what we offered at KS3 and 4 was comprehensive and were wary of the danger of spreading ourselves too thinly.  Now that our KS3 and 4 collections are looking (let’s be honest) pretty darn good, we have begun thinking about the prospect more seriously…

We were aware that there’d be a number of year 11 students this year who would be floundering because they were planning to take an A Level in a subject they wouldn’t even get to take a GCSE in and that they may be wondering what kind of study would be beneficial over the summer. And so was born the A Level Maths Preparation series…

Longer term, we are considering A Level Science and English resources, but are testing the water with Maths initially.

A Level Maths Resources

In our brand-spanking-new A level category, we have 5 resources uploaded and another 5 in the pipeline.

Negative and Zero Powers

A level teaching resources: Negative and Zero Powers

Simplifying Surds

Index Laws

Fractional Powers

Rationalising the Denominator

To be Continued…

Still to be uploaded are ‘Using Sine and Cosine Rules’, ‘Equations and Inequalities’, ‘Graphs’, ‘Polynomials’ and a test on all above topics.

The aim is that any skills from GCSE which are absolutely fundamental at A Level are honed and ready for September.

Beyond this, there’s a plan (a fairly concrete plan – basic content has been written for 10 lessons) to provide resources for A Level. We’re aiming for a PowerPoint, a worksheet (starting with routine questions and building up to problem-solving, exam-style questions), and an independent study resource for each lesson. 

We’ve consulted with A Level teachers and have found that they find it difficult to source problem-solving, exam-style questions, light-hearted matching or activity-based resources and questions on the large data set, so we’re also prioritising these.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more Beyond-brand A Level teaching resources…we’ll have our own university next. Watch this space…

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