A Teacher’s Diary VS Non-Teacher’s Diary

New Year’s Day

hung over.gif

Everyone else: Woah, that was a good night! Will sleep it off and then think about New Year’s resolutions.

Teacher: Oh no. I overdid it last night. Less than a week to go, must… do… planning.

Valentine’s Day


Everyone Else: The most romantic day of the year. I can’t wait to finish work and go for a swanky meal with my other half.

Teacher: Several hours suffering over-exuberant, hormonal teens, followed by an evening of planning and marking. An M&S dine in meal deal is still a treat though, right?



Everyone Else: Egg hunt for the kids… check. Trash TV… check. Gorge on chocolate… check.

Teacher: Mock practice… more required. Mocks marked… getting there. Gorge on chocolate… fuelling up for the months ahead.



Everyone Else: Flowers are blooming, the sun’s shining, the beer garden’s calling…

Teacher: Though it’s lovely to see more than a few minutes of daylight, I really want to desecrate those flower beds; if the hay fever sufferers in 10X3 don’t achieve their target grades, that’s my pay review screwed. Beer garden, I’ll see you soon.


sunny weather.gif

Everyone Else: Uh oh, school’s out for the summer! What am I gonna do with the kids for the next six weeks?!

Teacher: Whoop whoop, school’s out for the summer!! Pass the sangria, child one. Child two, you’re in charge!



Everyone Else: I know it would be cheaper in September but we need a break from entertaining the kids, let’s book a last-minute break to Disneyland.

Teacher:  I know I said I’d go to the gym but the pre-results day jitters burn off more nervous energy than a spinning class ever could. Post-results euphoria/dejection slowly morphs into back to school blues. Is it feasible that a week of anybody else’s holiday feels like a sad Sunday evening?

1st September

back to school.gif

Everyone Else: Thank goodness we’re getting back to normality. Suppose I ought to start giving some thought to Christmas.

Teacher: New Year’s resolutions made. 115 days till Christmas!



Everyone Else: Aren’t the children adorable with their costumes and props? Looking forward to the fireworks next week!

Teacher: For your information, Halloween is most definitely not a legitimate excuse not to be wearing uniform!

1st December


Everyone Else: The Yuletide season is upon us. Office parties… presents… copious amounts of alcohol… I wish this month could last forever!

Teacher: The Yuletide season is upon us. How did that happen?! I failed to get the kids advent calendars despite my countdown starting in September. When am I gonna do the Christmas shopping? Only 24 days to go! Copious amounts of alcohol needed.

Boxing Day

christmas relax.gif

Everyone Else:  And… RELAX.

Teacher: And… RELAX. Except that planning’s not going to do itself. I really mustn’t leave it all until the last minute this year.

New Year’s Eve


Everyone Else: I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night.

Teacher: I gotta feeling, that I shoulda done a bit more planning before now.

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