AQA Love and Relationships Poems

AQA Love and Relationships Poems

We know that learning all of the AQA Love and Relationships poems is never an easy task and this blog is here to help you. It should lead you to a better understanding of each poem, its context and the key language and structural elements that might be discussed in an exam. 

The revision notes for each poem include general information, some contextual thoughts, analysis of structure and tone as well as an in-depth look at the language and ideas of the poem. The revision questions should help you to explore the poems further and practise writing effective exam answers. 

Need more information? Check out our Love and Relationship Revision Bundle.

You can use this GCSE Poetry Revision Bundle in a number of ways. If you have missed the important analysis lessons on key poems, you can create or supplement your own analysis with these notes.

If you find certain poems difficult, you might concentrate on reading the overviews of those poems only for revision. If you want a more comprehensive revision task, you could read all 15 poetry overviews and answer the revision questions as you go.

When you first begin practising full exam questions you could use these notes for reference to help to form a good, solid analysis. 

All that, plus a guide to the sophisticated language and a set of daily revision tasks.

Looking for a specific poem?

We have a comprehensive list right here – don’t worry, we’re working on closing those gaps!

The AQA Love and Relationships poems represent a part of the preparation for the GCSE exams. You can access a wide range of assessment support through our blogs here! You can also subscribe to Beyond for access to thousands of secondary teaching resources. You can sign up for a free account here and take a look around at our free resources before you subscribe too.

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