AQA Worlds and Lives Poetry

Worlds and Lives Poetry Anthology

AQA’s Worlds and Lives poetry anthology is coming to a classroom near you! And yes, that means a whole batch of beautifully constructed poems needs to go into the Beyond Revision analysis machine!

We know that learning all of the anthology poems is never an easy task and this blog is here to help you. These guides should lead you to a better understanding of each poem, its context and the key language and structural elements that might be discussed in an exam.

Each blog includes general information, some contextual thoughts, analysis of structure and tone, and then an in-depth look at the language and ideas of the poem.

Need to find a specific poem?

These link to each of our in-depth revision blogs to help you get your head wrapped around poetry.

We know that studying poetry can seem very daunting, so we hope that you will find this GCSE Poetry Revision Guide a useful and valuable resource for exam preparation.

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