Autumn Half Term 2020: Be Ready for Anything with Beyond

Autumn half term 2020: be ready for anything, with Beyond

As the autumn half term for 2020 beckons, teachers across the country are preparing themselves to go back to school to a year filled with uncertainty, new challenges and more demands on their time than ever before. Beyond has a singular vision and that is to help educators find the headspace to be outstanding

We want to empower you to be the best version of yourself in the classroom and to find relaxation beyond it… so while you’re preparing to go back to school, let us share what Beyond are planning to help you be ready for anything!

Wellbeing Advice

We’ll be here to remind you that while the planning, prep and ‘getting stuff done’ is absolutely important, none of that happens effectively if you’re not taking care of yourself. Throughout the next two weeks, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for wellbeing advice and tips that will get you back into the swing of things.

A New Focus on Key Stage 5

Conquer the curriculum and shape futures with confidence using Beyond: Advanced. Our new Key Stage 5 resources are designed to accompany your already-existing classroom planning and support you as an educator with the extra responsibilities such as careers, personal statement writing and supporting university applicants. You can find Beyond: Advanced resources on the Twinkl website already and we’re also on Facebook and Twitter!

Back to School Giveaways

While a Beyond subscription is an absolute steal at less than £5 a month for your chosen subject, we also know that everyone loves a freebie now and then. So if you’re not yet a subscriber, here’s what we’re doing for you. We’ll be looking at our entire range of resources across all of the core subjects and giving away some of our absolute best for each of the core subjects. We might also be giving away more than just a handful of resources… so keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter in the next few weeks.

New Resources for the Half Term in 2020

The Beyond subject teams have been working hard throughout the summer to produce new, exciting and engaging resources for the autumn half term 2020. Our new resources cover everything from worksheets, lessons, full units of work, Year 6/7 transition units and GCSE revision guides that will shave hours off your planning time. We know you’re an expert at what you do, so all of our resources are designed to be adaptable and absolutely perfect to drop into existing schemes and planning you might have! We’ll be sharing our newest, most-exciting resources via Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a small taster of some of the new resources below:

AQA GCSE English Language Intervention Lessons Whole Unit Pack

Back to school resources for the autumn term 2020: GCSE English

Tutor Time: Sport Quick Quiz for the Autumn Half Term 2020

Back to school resources for the autumn term 2020: tutor time

Year 6 to 7 Transition Maths Refresher – Same Area, Different Perimeter

KS3 Maths resources for back to school

Required Practical Microbiology Student Workbook for the Autumn Half Term 2020

Required Practical Microbiology Student Workbook

From everyone at Beyond, we hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer and a well-deserved rest as August comes to a close. Here’s to a successful year as you head back to school! Don’t forget to check-in soon for more brand new back to school resources…

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