Back to School Essentials for GCSE and KS3

Back to School Essentials for GCSE and KS3

Summer 2020 is drawing steadily to a close, and with September lurking patiently on the horizon, now seems a good time to start preparing for the new term. Whether you’re up to speed with lesson planning, still have more to do, or you’re somewhere pleasingly in between, Beyond has been busy creating a range of back to school essentials for GCSE and KS3 that’ll make the return to school that much easier. 

For ease, we’ve split our back to school essentials for GCSE and KS3 by subject, so you can skip to the resources that are most pertinent to you and hopefully save even more time on planning. We have, of course, resources for:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science

Whether you download our resources wholesale or use them as inspiration for your own unique lesson plans is entirely up to you – Beyond has one objective: giving you the headspace to be outstanding. It’s up to you to decide how you go about that…

Back to School Essentials for GCSE & KS3 English

KS3 English Curriculum Map

A firm back to school essential - Beyond's KS3 English Curriculum Map

The KS3 English Curriculum Map is the Beyond English Team’s pièce de résistance: a three-year span of English lessons that mirror the national curriculum and achieve each of the assessment objectives. Charting each term, with links to lessons, schemes of work and helpful teacher resources, the curriculum map is the definitive plan for KS3 English.

An Introduction to Key English Concepts

Back to school essentials for GCSE and KS3: An Intro To...

Our “Introduction to” series offers a crash-course on core English principles, from allusion and anecdote to symbolism and structure. Ideal as either refresher material for GCSE students or, as the name suggests, an introduction to useful literary devices for KS3 classes, these lessons are a great way to ensure your students are tooled-up to tackle anything that KS3 and GCSE English throws at ‘em

Back to School Essentials for GCSE & KS3 Maths

Year 6 to 7 Transition Maths Refresher – Express Problems Algebraically

Back to school essential for GCSE: Year 6 Refresher

Having missed a sizeable chunk of their final year at KS2, transitioning Year 7 students have a slight disadvantage this year. In an attempt to bridge this gap as comprehensively as possible, Beyond Maths have created this dedicated transition resource on expressing missing number problems algebraically….sounds as simple as 4d + 2.

Year 7 Baseline Maths Test 2

Year 7 Baseline Test 2

Now, while an initial assessment isn’t everyone’s idea of “first week back at school” fun, it’s a smart move when you consider the knowledge gap left by the recent COVID catastrophe. Use our read-made baseline Maths test as a quick and easy way to determine where your new class is at before planning for the rest of the year, without having to create the questions, diagrams or layout on your own.

Back to School Essentials for GCSE & KS3 Science

AQA Cell Biology Unit of Work

Cell Biology Unit of Work

What a preview image! Beyond Science have busied themselves this summer by adding a range of new lessons to their popular Cell Biology Unit of Work for the AQA syllabus. Beautifully designed, with a host of new lessons being added each week, this complete unit of work guides students through each aspect of cell biology topic, from eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells to chromosomes and mitosis.

Secondary Science KS3 Baseline Assessment Pack

Baseline Assessment Pack for KS3 Science

Another dead-cert, Beyond Science’s Baseline Assessment Pack is endlessly helpful for determining your new classes’ ability come September. This assessment pack contains a chemistry, physics and biology test, complete with corresponding mark schemes and analysis spreadsheets. Simple, effective and, most importantly, pre-written just for you, our Baseline Assessment Pack is a true new term essential. 

Back to school planning made easy, with Beyond

There you have it! Our roundup of the most essential of back to essentials for GCSE and KS3, all of which offer a reprieve from planning and aim to get you back in the classroom on top form. 

Enjoy what’s left of your summer and make use of as much of our material as you see fit.

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