BBC Children in Need with Beyond Secondary

BBC Children in Need 2019 with Beyond Secondary

All across the UK, households and classrooms burst at the seams with polka dots and Pudsey Bears. It can mean only one thing: BBC Children in Need is upon us and my goodness do we need it…

While it’s easy enough to get primary school pupils to pile their pennies high, it can be tricky to know how to approach BBC Children in Need from a secondary perspective. Lucky for you, Beyond has everything you need for a successful KS3 and GCSE Children in Need…

Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need

Why does Beyond cater to all your Children in Need requirements I hear you cry? Well, Beyond and our sister-site Twinkl happen to be the Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need – which means we have an almost overwhelming amount of yellow secondary resources at your disposal, available on the official BBC Children in Need site as well as our own. Made specially by us for Children in Need , our secondary resources offer everything you come to expect from Beyond, catering to troublesome teens who shirk the status quo.

BBC Children in Need Pudsey Art Resources 🎨

Pudsey Art Lesson Pack

Get your class thinking creatively with this BBC Children in Need Art Lesson Pack! Aimed at Year 7 students, the pack has several fun tasks to inspire creative minds, and help students develop ideas.

As well as individual activities to suit a range of artistic abilities, there are collaborative activities which help students build team working and collaboration skills. By using this BBC Children in Need Art Lesson Pack in an Art & Design lesson, you can support school-wide involvement in the charity.

BBC Children in Need: Pudsey Art Lesson Pack

BBC Children in Need English Resources πŸ“š

Child Homelessness Debate Pack

Unfortunately, it isn’t all fun and games and it doesn’t take much to uncover the unpalatable and distressing truths behind society at large. Scratch beneath the surface just a bit and a whole new world will emerge; one that’s never seen the polka dots or TV appeals. In this secondary English resource, Beyond invites KS3 and GCSE English students to debate child homelessness, asking if, in 21st century Britain, there’s any excuse for children being homeless. It’s a thought-provoking debate pack that’s designed to expose secondary students to a reality they might never know existed.

BBC Children in Need: Child Homelessness Debate Pack

BBC Children in Need Geography Resources 🧭

Geography Map Skills Lesson Pack

This BBC Children in Need Geography Map Skills Lesson Pack introduces students to a range of map skills whilst considering the role of the charity. The pack introduces Louis, who has Global Development Delay, shows how BBC Children in Need has changed Louis’ life.

Louis has been provided with Iggy, an assistance dog, in order to give him the security and assistance he needs to thrive. This BBC Children in Need Geography Map Skills Lesson Pack requires students to plan a holiday for people like Louis by using their map skills to plan an appropriate route.

BC Children in Need: Geography Map Skills Lesson Pack

BBC Children in Need Form Time Resources ⌚

30-Day Positivity Challenge

If ever we needed positivity, it’s now!

Help to create a great atmosphere with your groups by utilising Beyond’s 30-Day Positivity Challenge! Each activity is designed to take between 15-20 minutes and is ideal for tutor time activities. The activities aim to help students think positively about themselves and focus them back into a school routine.

Some of the activities of the Positivity Challenge are a great way to encourage students to talk about their feelings but don’t pressure them to speak in front of the whole class if they do not want to. As a short set of activities for a 30-day period, the Positivity Challenge is a great way for setting the right tone for the school day.

The 30-Day Positivity Challenge

Well, there you have it! BBC Children in Need Geography, English, Art and Form Time activities, all of which are polka-dot free and perfect for use with KS3 and GCSE classes. So, download your resources, get those Pudsey Bear cakes in the oven, and make a difference to Children in Need with Beyond.

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