BBC Children in Need 2019 with Beyond Secondary

BBC Children in Need 2019 with Beyond Secondary

All across the UK, households and classrooms burst at the seams with bake sales, sponsored runs, polka dots, and Pudsey Bears. It can mean only one thing: BBC Children in Need 2019 is upon us! While it’s easy enough to get primary school pupils to pile their pennies high, it can be tricky to know how to approach BBC Children in Need from a secondary perspective. Lucky for you, Beyond has everything you need for a successful KS3 and GCSE Children in Need 2019…

Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need 2019

Why does Beyond cater to all your Children in Need requirements I hear you cry? Well, Beyond and our sister-site Twinkl happen to be the Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need – which means we have an almost overwhelming amount of yellow secondary resources at your disposal, available on the official BBC Children in Need site as well as our own. Made specially by us for Children in Need 2019, our secondary resources offer everything you come to expect from Beyond, catering to troublesome teens who shirk the status quo.

BBC Children in Need 2019 Fundraising Ideas

Activity Planning Sheet

Fed up of defaulting to the trusty class bake sale? Struggling to come up with original, non-primary, fundraising ideas for secondary students? Well, we think it’s about time they came up with their own ideas and created the Children in Need 2019 Activity Planning Sheet for that very reason. Great for form time or as a lesson filler, these activity planning sheets can be dished out at leisure throughout the day and collected back up to yield amazing results. While there’ll undoubtedly be an occasional longshot, more often than not you’ll find a perfectly sensible and reasonably doable activity that’s perfect for Children in Need 2019.

DISCLAIMER: We actually LOVE the trusty bake sale and any uneaten bakes can be forwarded to Beyond HQ at no expense…

BBC Children in Need 2019: Activity Planning Sheet

BBC Children in Need 2019 English Resources

Child Homelessness Debate Pack

Unfortunately, it isn’t all fun and games and it doesn’t take much to uncover the unpalatable and distressing truths behind society at large. Scratch beneath the surface just a bit and a whole new world will emerge; one that’s never seen the polka dots or TV appeals. In this secondary English resource, Beyond invites KS3 and GCSE English students to debate child homelessness, asking if, in 21st century Britain, there’s any excuse for children being homeless. It’s a thought-provoking debate pack that’s designed to expose secondary students to a reality they might never know existed.

BBC Children in Need 2019: Child Homelessness Debate Pack

BBC Children in Need 2019 Maths Resources

Maths Differentiated Lesson Pack

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Maths is a beautifully versatile subject. Beyond’s BBC Children in Need 2019 Maths Differentiated Lesson Pack is designed for KS3 and GCSE Maths students to apply practical mathematics to the world of fundraising, one donation at a time. Included in this secondary resource, you’ll find:

  • BBC Children in Need 2019 Colour by Numbers
  • BBC Children in Need 2019 BIDMAS Codeword Activity Sheet
  • BBC Children in Need 2019 Times Table Challenge
  • BBC Children in Need 2019 Unlock the Safe Activity Sheet

A one-stop-shop for all things KS3 and GCSE Maths related throughout Pudsey Bear season, this superb differentiated lesson pack will keep your Maths class challenged for days on the run-up to Children in Need 2019.

Well, there you have it! A BBC Children in Need 2019 activity planning sheet, debate pack, and multiple maths lessons, all of which are polka-dot free and perfect for use with KS3 and GCSE classes. There really is no excuse this year not to get involved, so, download your resources, get those Pudsey Bear cakes in the oven, and make a difference to Children in Need 2019 with Beyond Secondary.

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