How to Use Our Revision Pages

Over the years we’ve written a heck of a lot of information into our resources. Now we’re interested to see if we can make this knowledge directly available to students. We have pulled key revision information out of some of our resources and simply copied it onto the blog pages here. Continue reading How to Use Our Revision Pages

Revise ‘War Photographer’ by Carol Anne Duffy

Download the War Photographer lesson pack here. Context Carol Ann Duffy made history in 2009 when she became the first woman to hold the post of Poet Laureate. War Photographer is a poem about war and its effects on civilians. The poem discusses the lasting effects of war trauma on those photographers who take pictures of famine and battle. It also deals with the broader ethical issue of whether observing and photographing war rather than helping is the right thing to do. It makes us question, along with the photographer, the worth of risking life to document conflict around the … Continue reading Revise ‘War Photographer’ by Carol Anne Duffy