Beyond’s Latest & Greatest Secondary Resources

Beyond’s Latest & Greatest Secondary Resources

It’s an exciting time for Beyond Secondary. Amid the new-term, OFSTED being rejigged, and a September that never seemed to end, we’ve managed to create a staggering selection of brand-spanking-new secondary resources that allow you to do your job while saving you bucket-loads of time.

If you’ve missed the boat, been too busy teaching to look, or simply weren’t paying attention at the back, we’ve decided to gather our latest and greatest resources all in one place. Consider this the definitive A-Z of Beyond’s newest secondary resources – ripe for the picking and ready to be harvested!


  1. KS3 English Resources – Whodunnit Murder Mystery
  2. GCSE English Resources – SPaG Samurai
  3. KS3 Maths Resources – Maths Mastery Starters
  4. GCSE Maths Resources – Fraction of a Quantity Colour by Number
  5. KS3 Science – Forces Lesson 3: Gravity, Mass & Weight
  6. GCSE Science – Influential Scientists Display Posters

KS3 English Resources

Where, I hear you cry, can you find a comprehensive series of English Language lessons that cover a range of different writing types? Why right here, of course. How do you feel about a literary character themed, whodunnit murder mystery?

Our Whodunnit English Language lessons are perfect for teaching and reinforcing different KS3 English writing frameworks – all while embroiling students in a tongue-in-cheek murder mystery narrative that pits Lady Macbeth against Bob Cratchit, Mrs Johnstone against Jane Eyre, and Crookes the Stable Buck against Hamlet. Sound fun? We thought so…

Covering a wide range of English Language Assessment objectives, this superb KS3 English secondary resource helps students develop:

  • Speaking & listening skills
  • Article writing
  • Persuasive writing
  • Formal letter writing
  • Speech writing
  • Report writing

A ten-lesson unit of work, complete with homework and assessment, our Whodunnit KS3 English resource is the go-to for all things English Language. Download, enjoy and watch as your students hurry to uncover the murderer…which is Hamlet by the way…spoiler alert…or is it? Magnifying glasses at the ready!

KS3 English Language Writing: Whodunnit Secondary Resources

GCSE English Secondary Resources

Luke, Han, and Leia; Harry, Ron, and Hermoine; Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Iconic trios that pale in comparison to our firm favourite – spelling, punctuation, and grammar: the English Holy Trinity.

Thanks to us, tightening the English skills of your class just got a lot slicker with the launch of SPaG Samurai: a series of combat-hardened trials that test your students’ grammatical accuracy to the max. Complete each task, collect your armour, and become the bastion of precision written English: the SPaG Samurai! 

This superbly illustrated and detailed GCSE English resource is ideal as an on-going starter. Alternatively, use it in its entirety to produce exam-focused, exam-acing pupils who laugh in the face of commas and apostrophes!

SPaG Samurai: KS3 & GCSE Spelling Worksheets Activity Pack

KS3 Maths Resources

Ahhh that awkward phase at the start of a lesson where students jostle for position, registers are taken, and no one really knows where to look or what to do. If only there was a well designed, differentiated maths PowerPoint that could be deployed in situations like these, giving KS3 maths pupils something to muse over while everyone sorts themselves out. Introducing KS3 Maths Mastery Starters, a secondary resource that does exactly that…

Our Maths Starters PowerPoint covers a range of differentiated KS3 maths topics, including:

  • Factors & multiples
  • Four operations
  • Place value
  • Ordering numbers
  • Problem solving
  • Prime numbers

Simply open the Maths PowerPoint, select a difficulty, and listen to the sound of the room drop to a low hum as your KS3 maths pupils get to work. When you’ve finished writing up the AOs, taking the register, and getting ready, reveal each of the answers with the click of the mouse and your class is ready to tackle the rest of the lesson.

KS3 Secondary Resources Maths Mastery Starters - Set 1

GCSE Maths Secondary Resources

Absolutely everyone loves colour by numbers. So what could be more appetising to GCSE Maths students than colour by algebraic expressions? While the name is yet to catch on, the secondary resources speak for themselves.

Our Colour by Number GCSE Maths worksheet provides a quick and easy method of reinforcing core algebra skills, helping students evaluate expressions while colouring in a pretty picture of Constant the algebra dog. 

Find the fraction of an amount, sniff out the corresponding colour, and catch that frisbee like a good boy! It’s a quick and easy way to reinforce key algebraic concepts that can be set as a starter, plenary, or even used as algebra homework. 

Fraction of a Quantity Colour by Number

KS3 Science Resources

Gravity, mass, and weight; another of our favourite trios get the Beyond treatment in this impressively illustrated KS3 physics resource. Learn the difference between weight and mass, explore the gravitational effect of different planets, and recreate the change in weight across each celestial body, all from the comfort of your classroom. Using this resource, secondary science students will:

  • Understand the difference between mass and weight
  • Calculate weight from mass and gravitational field strength
  • Simulate a change in weight across different planets
  • Apply these equations to different contexts

Providing a clear and practical method of describing complex KS3 physics concepts, our Gravity, Mass and Weight resource has it all! There’s a bangin’ PowerPoint, classroom-ready secondary science worksheets, and a practical experiment nestled at the end. What more could you possibly wish for in a KS3 science lesson? More? Well, you know where to find it…

KS3 Secondary Resources: Forces Lesson 3: Gravity, Mass and Weight

GCSE Science Secondary Resources

Whether it’s a classic periodic table of elements or otherwise, every classroom needs a wall display. Some of us, however, are not made for arts and crafts…some of us aren’t even made for cutting and sticking. If that someone is you, take a look through our amazing range of secondary resources that you can print and pin to the wall in no time!

Top of the list is our latest display on Influential Scientists – spanning multiple disciplines and offering an informative slice of real-world science. Beautifully illustrated, with descriptions of their most notable achievements, our Influential Scientists Display Posters can inspire your GCSE science students on a daily basis – offering an insightful glimpse into science beyond the classroom.

Using our GCSE science displays, students will learn about:

  • Dame Ann McLaren and her work in biology
  • Sir Charles Kao and the creation of fibre optics
  • Kusala Rajendran and the field of seismology
  • Luc Montagnier and his work identifying HIV
  • Mae C Jemison: the first African American astronaut 
  • Percy Lavon Julian and his work on hormones
  • Shinya Yamanaka and his work in stem cell research
  • Tu Youyou and the creation of artemisinin
Influential Scientists Display Posters

So, there you have it: a snippet of our latest and greatest secondary resources! Whether you need something to fill a gap in your lesson plan, you’re after some inspiration, or simply want a helping hand, you’ll find everything you need Beyond.

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