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Careers Advice for A Level Students: Beyond: Advanced

Along with whisperings of autumn, the return of structure and new pencils, September brings thoughts of next steps for year 13 students. There’s something magical about the promise, both academically and personally. It’s a big responsibility to be guiding students through their decision making. KS5 teachers are experts in their subjects and can teach with enthusiasm and innovation, but when it comes to careers and further study advice for A Level students, we’re often less confident.

Beyond: Advanced has been working with Causeway Education, experts on how to write a good personal statement, over the summer to bring you evidence-based advice on the process and doing it well. Our collection is growing and aims to provide careers and HE advice for A Level students, as well as guiding both students and teachers from beginning to end.

Choosing A Level Subjects and Careers Advice

For those thinking about what A levels to pick, we have a dedicated advice sheet, including suggestions of what to pick to maximise their options if they are unsure what they want to study at university.

Careers Advice for A Level Students: Choosing A Level Subjects

Student Finance Assistance

If you have students who are uncertain about the value of a university education set against the debt of a student loan, this might help them to formalise their ideas.

Student Finance Assistance

Careers Advice and A Level Options

Students will find the following helpful for deciding the next step from sixth form:

University Entry Requirements Guide

The aim of this guide is to enable students to think about the different degree subjects they could choose to study, based on the subjects they have studied at A Level.

Careers Advice: University Requirements

University Degrees Guide

A guide which gives details of the current degree subjects available to study in the UK. Each subject gives details of example degrees available to study as well as some of the entry requirements needed when studying certain subjects.

University Degrees Advice

Undergraduate Courses

Use this guide to help your students choose between different undergraduate degree courses.

Undergratuate Courses

Careers Advice: Alternatives to a Full-Time University Course

With so many setting sail for the green pastures of degree courses, it can sometimes seem like there are few alternatives to university. However, this is far from true, and this great resource pack is aimed at Year 13 students mulling over their future and considering alternatives to university.

Careers Advice: Alternatives to a Full-Time University Course

Applying to University

We have these resources for helping with the university application process:

Writing Personal Statements – Background Information for Teachers

This resource is aimed at teachers, tutors, parents or anyone helping students to write their personal statement as part of their university application. Research by Causeway Education and Sutton Trust shows discrepancies between what university admissions tutors are looking for in an outstanding application, and what teachers are advising students to include. Be sure to check it out.

Writing Personal Statements

University Interviews Resource Pack

Students can learn about the university interview process, including what to expect, examples of questions and how they can prepare for it. The sample questions provided provide an ideal opportunity for student and teacher / home educator to hold a mock interview.

University Interviews

Writing a Personal Statement – A Student Guide Resource Pack

This is your chance for your students to define their educational suitability to, perhaps, the university course of their dreams. But writing a personal statement with such significance is not an easy task, is it? Don’t worry, Beyond: Advanced aims to make the process pleasant rather than intimidating.

Writing Personal Statements

Careers advice for A Level students – Beyond: Advanced

UCAS applications open on 8th September, but students can register before that. The deadline for submission of forms is:

  • 15th October for medicine, veterinary science and dentistry or courses at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 15th January for all other courses

Using our range of resources on post-18 options, offering sage careers advice for A Level students has never been easier or more comprehensive.

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