Chemistry Week 2020 KS3 & GCSE Teaching Resources

Chemistry Week 2020

Chemistry Week comes but once a year, and this year it’s happening between the 16th and 22nd of November. Chemistry Week 2020 is an annual UK celebration of the chemical sciences, where scientific and educational groups all over the nation take part in promoting chemistry.

This year’s theme is ‘Inclusion’, chosen in part due to the changes that many have faced over 2020 and the extra factors which need to be taken into consideration when running inclusive events. The diversity of the chemical sciences not only covers the range and breadth of the science itself but is reflected in the diverse people who study and work within the field of chemistry.

If you’re teaching KS3 or GCSE Chemistry and are looking at tying in some inclusivity to your lessons during Chemistry Week 2020, let us guide you through some teaching resources we think will make all the difference in your classroom.

KS3 Chemistry Week 2020 Teaching Resources

An Introduction to  Science Lesson 1 – Health and Safety

A key part of any KS3 Chemistry class is teaching your students how to be safe and act responsibly around scientific equipment, and that hasn’t changed even in 2020. Keep your students safe and make sure they can all take part in practical lessons by giving them essential health and safety rules. All presented in an engaging lesson pack!

Y7 Introduction to Science Lesson 1: Health and Safety

Elements Information Posters

Surround your students with engaging facts, information, and attractive designs all focused around the elements. This series of posters turns your classroom’s walls into learning tools, making sure your students have key information on hand at a glance. Even if you’re not planning anything big for Chemistry Week 2020, these posters make sure that chemistry is always on your students’ minds.

Chemistry Week 2020: Elements Information Posters

Influential Scientists Display Posters

What do scientists look like, who are they, how did they get into their different fields? Our Influential Scientists Display Posters pack helps you educate your students all about a diverse range of scientists who have all made their mark on the world. From Dame Anne McLaren to Tu Youyou, your students will be able to see that people from all walks of life are engaged in science, helping you bring the Chemistry Week message of inclusivity to life.

Chemistry Week 2020: Influential Scientists Display Posters

GCSE Chemistry Week 2020 Teaching Resources

Where can Chemistry take you?

It’s inevitable that the question will come up at least once. ‘What use is this?’ Well thanks to our Where can Chemistry take you? resource you can answer that with real-life examples of how studying chemistry can help students. A diverse range of career paths await the budding chemist, this resource can help you make your students understand just how fulfilling a life working in chemistry can be.

Where Can Chemistry Take You?

GCSE Chemistry Glossaries Bundle

It doesn’t matter if a student is a chemistry genius or a novice when it comes to alembics, our range of GCSE Chemistry Glossaries help make sure they have essential key definitions with them at all times. There’s a lot to learn when studying GCSE Chemistry and having comprehensive glossaries on hand can make sure that any student, no matter their learning level, has the same chance to understand key chemistry concepts.

GCSE Chemistry Vocabulary Glossaries Bundle

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table Revision Game

It’s no secret that many students find revision challenging: challenging to start and challenging to focus on. This revision game helps make revision a little more fun, making it a more inclusive way for your students to revise ahead of tests or exams. All you need is the resource and a pair of dice and you’re off! It’s a one-way ticket to revision mastery, for any chemistry student.

AQA Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table Revision Game

Now you should be ready to break out the test tubes and teach your students all about Chemistry Week 2020’s themes with confidence. Want to see what else we at Beyond have to offer? You can check out all our teaching resources over on our website and sign up for a free account here. Our latest Beyond Science blogs can also be found here!

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