Christmas Resources for KS3 Lessons

Christmas Resources for KS3 Lessons

The weather outside is frightful but Beyond’s Christmas resources for KS3 lessons are so delightful. Yep, it’s that time again folks. Christmas is upon us and with it comes a sensational selection of seasonal resources, fresh off of Santa’s Beyond-branded sleigh. Simply choose your subject below to be transported to our Secondary Winter Wonderland. Hark! The KS3 angels sing…glory to the Secondary King!

Christmas Jumper Day and Save the Children ❄️

Friday 11th December is Christmas Jumper Day and Beyond are proudly supporting Save the Children to get you and your students in a festive mood while making a huge difference to children all around the world. Download our free Christmas Jumper resources below and find out more about Save the Children, Christmas Jumper Day and how you can get involved here.

The History of the Christmas Jumper Reading Comprehension

 In Beyond’s latest Christmas comprehension for KS3 English, we explore the history of the Christmas jumper – charting its original inception all the way to Kanye West’s Yeezy 2020 Collection…whatever that is. 

Christmas Resources KS3: The History of the Christmas Jumper KS3 Reading Comprehension

Christmas Colour by Symbols

Use this Colour by Symbols activity with your science classes on Christmas Jumper Day to help them revise groups on the periodic table while creating a colourful Christmas jumper!

Christmas Resources KS3: Christmas Colour by Symbols

Christmas Jumper Transformations

For this festive geometry activity, students need to apply their understanding of translating, reflecting and rotating shapes to reveal the picture. Suitable for KS3 or KS4 Foundation.

Christmas Resources KS3: Christmas Jumper Translations

Christmas Resources for KS3 Science πŸŽ„

KS3 Science Christmas Crossword

This KS3 Science Christmas Crossword is a great way for your students to demonstrate and apply their scientific knowledge. This fun crossword asks students to follow the clues to fill in Christmas words and ideas related to Science. Help your students take a look back at their scientific knowledge and give them a bit of festive cheer with this engaging Christmas Science Crossword.

KS3 Science Christmas Crossword

The Biology of Christmas Trees

Use this comprehensive lesson pack to teach your GCSE students about the biology of Christmas trees, including their classification and adaptations that enable them to survive in cold environments and carry out photosynthesis. 

The Biology of Christmas Trees

Christmas Resources for KS3 English 🦌

The Great Christmas Quiz for KS3 English

Ho, ho, ho and welcome to The Great Christmas Quiz for KS3 English: six rounds of festive fun for those last few KS3 English lessons of the year…what a year. Blending a healthy dose of core English skills with suitably snowy Christmas cheer, Beyond’s Christmas Quiz for KS3 English is divided into six sections:

  • Unscramble the Event
  • Which Book?
  • Rhyme Time
  • Spot the Technique! 
  • First Impressions
  • Christmas Number Ones
The Great Christmas Quiz

Quickfire SPaG Advent Calendar

On the first day of Christmas, my English teacher gave to me: a SPaG challenge or twenty-three! Improve your students’ technical accuracy with this fun and festive advent calendar! Each door leads to a new SPaG exercise which should take no more than five minutes. This is a great way to address spelling, punctuation and grammar in the run-up to Christmas. 

Quickfire SPaG Advent Calendar

Christmas Resources for KS3 Maths 🀢

Christmas Translations

Present your pupils with a selection of Christmas shapes that are sure to boost their competence in translations by vectors and, when finished, gift them with a festive feeling! Great for KS3 or KS4 pupils in the wintery months, the worksheet displays a range of Christmas shapes that prompt the learner to translate their positions.

Christmas Translations

Coordinates Christmas Tree Worksheet

A Christmas tree-themed worksheet to encourage your students to practise plotting coordinates in just one quadrant.

Coordinates Christmas Tree Worksheet

Merry Christmas from Beyond 🎁

So, there you have it: a seasonal selection of Christmas resources for KS3, from Christmas Jumper Day all the way to Christmas Coordinates. For everything else, simply ski over to our Christmas Activities category or if you fancy something a little different, click here!

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Happy Christmas from the Beyond Team…


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