Have Schools Always Been Broke?

Stories of overstretched schools relying on goodwill from the public are becoming the norm but has it always been this way? Have schools always been counting the pennies or were they flush with cash back in the good old days? As a Teacher… My HOD kept the supplies under lock-and-key, protected them from the geography team upstairs and maths team just down the way. At the beginning of every half term, my colleagues and I would approach her classroom sheepishly and ask for the meagre rations of equipment we’d need to see us through the next few weeks. When essential … Continue reading Have Schools Always Been Broke?

Would You Hand Pupils the Power?

What’s happening on Friday? Thousands of UK schoolchildren are preparing to walk out of lessons on Friday as part of a nationwide strike to protest global inaction on climate change. Following the example of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist who held a three-week protest outside the Swedish parliament, students across the globe have been holding ‘Fridays for the Future’ strikes to raise awareness of escalating climate change and demand immediate action from politicians. The growing movement will make its way to the UK for the first time on 15 February, ahead of a planned global strike on 15 March. Greta’s … Continue reading Would You Hand Pupils the Power?

A Vote for Political Engagement

The personal is political was a rallying slogan of the student and feminist movements of the late 1960s, but it perhaps rings even more true in 2019. Social media serves to amplify beliefs and viewpoints: everything is political, it pervades every corner of life. Except, so the corridors of power would have it, the classroom. Our National Curriculum prioritises Shakespeare and quadratic equations over Walpole and proportional representation. While there is merit to be found in every subject, it’s impossible not to sympathise with the multitudes who protest that they’ll never need know about x+y post-sixteen but are then packed … Continue reading A Vote for Political Engagement