Daily Maths Revision Questions

Daily Maths Problems

You’ve heard of having your 5-a-day, right? Well, maths is a bit like that, too! The best way to make sure you’re in tip-top shape for your exams is to chow down on a little piece of maths as often as you can. Beyond’s daily maths problems are designed for just that, providing you with five daily maths problems to tackle every single day that’ll keep your maths brain in shape throughout the year. These shouldn’t be your only revision but they are a great starting point.

Daily Maths Problems

5 questions. 7 days a week. It really is that simple. If you miss one, that’s fine. Catch it up if you have time, otherwise, just move on to the next day.

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If you’re struggling with a question, this blog provides the perfect support for you. For each week, we have a fully explained example to help you with the questions. Follow this example carefully and then try your question again.

To find the relevant week, start by selecting the grade of questions you are working on. It’ll say this on the booklet.

Grades 3 to 5

Week 1Week 6Week 11Week 16
Week 2Week 7Week 12Week 17
Week 3Week 8Week 13Week 18
Week 4Week 9Week 14Week 19
Week 5Week 10Week 15Week 20

Grades 5 to 7

Week 1Week 6
Week 2Week 7
Week 3Week 8
Week 4Week 9
Week 5Week 10

If you are still struggling, you have a few options. You can check out our revision page to find a revision aid for the topic. Or you can look at YouTube videos to find some help. You can also ask your teacher; take the booklet to them and show them where you are struggling.

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