Easter Break Ideas: 5 Things Every Teacher Should Do This Easter

Easter Break Ideas: 5 Things Every Teacher Should Do This Easter

Can you believe we’ve been back for less than 5 weeks – why does it feel like a year? Returning to school post lockdown has been a challenge and a half. Getting back into the swing of things is no easy feat and it’s time for a well-deserved rest (a whole two weeks worth). Lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting and spring is in full bloom! Here are 5 Easter break ideas for a much-needed rest:

1. Enjoy Some Easter Treats

Easter is no time for restricting treats. The whole world is basically given permission to indulge, so enjoy it! Now that you have the whole day to yourself,  you could try making some ear-resistible festive treats like the classic cornflake cakes topped with mini eggs, or scrumptious hot-cross buns. Or you could hop down to your local Co-op and pick up some ready-made carrot cake. Whatever you decide, make sure to enjoy it!

2. Go Outside

We all know the sun is stingy with her presence, so let’s bask in her shine and warmth this Easter! You can take a walk, do some gardening, sun-graze or enjoy a festive picnic. The sun is a major mood lifter and it strengthens your immune system. These are two things we could all definitely use right now. Making an effort to simply go outside will benefit you so much!

3. Spend time with people who aren’t teachers!

Teacher friends are amazing. There’s nothing like having a community of people who are passionate, plugged in and just-get-it. There’s no way we could get through each term without them, but teaching can easily consume your entire life if it’s all you talk about. It’s important to enjoy the company of friends and family and to completely switch off from school life; aim to talk to interesting people that are 1000% unrelated to school. Life is so robust and exciting, it would be a shame to miss it because you’re obsessing over work emails and creating perfectly differentiated resources (we’ve got you covered).

4. Sleep

Judging from how much they do it in class, our pupils are naturals at this sleeping thing! We, however, are perpetually sleep deprived and in need of a long, deep snuggle with our pillows. Chances are, you’ve racked up a hefty bill this term so pay off your sleep debt this Easter break.

5. Just Rest

When I say rest, I mean R-E-S-T. Don’t look at emails, or torment yourself with new behaviour management agendas, or worry about how you’re going to “catch-up” this year. Use this Easter break to lay down, hang out and shamelessly watch an entire series you enjoy. Restore your energy so that you come back refreshed and rejuvenated! Teachers are notorious for neglecting their health and wellbeing because they struggle to switch off. You have permission to relax, your teaching practice will be better for it.

It’s time you give a little back to yourself. You’ve earned this holiday so enjoy your Easter break ideas! Happy Easter from Beyond.

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