Easter Lesson Plans for KS3 🐰

Easter Lesson Plans for KS3

If you look closely you can just begin to see the mornings grow lighter, brighter, and warmer. It can only mean one thing: spring is on its way and Easter beckons. While it might be a tad too early to don your bunny ears and start nibbling chocolate, it’s never too early to consider your Easter lesson plans for KS3 students.

Using Beyond’s basket-full of secondary resources, prepping for Easter’s never been easier!

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Eggsellent Easter Resources for KS3 English 🐣

If you’re growing tired of tenuously linking Lennie’s love of rabbits to Easter (anything to get them behind Of Mice and Men ey?) look no further than Beyond and our Easter-themed mini writing project – the perfect choice for the final few days before the Easter break.

KS3 Easter/Spring Mini Writing Project

What could be more Eastery than a piece of independent creative writing on the theme of spring? Using a range of non-fiction texts, namely “Why the Eggs and Bunnies?,” “10 Things You Probably Didn’t know about Easter,” and an extract from the Diary of Julie Spinner, KS3 students must synthesise relevant information and create their own mini writing project –  whether that’s a blog, social media post, or everyone’s fav: a newspaper article.

KS3 Easter Springtime Mini Writing Project

Let your little bunnies choose from the following topics and let their creativity flow:

  • Spring festivals from the past
  • The history of Easter
  • Easter around the world
  • Easter traditions
  • The symbols of spring and Easter

Ideal for the final few lessons on the approach to the Easter break or as an extended homework piece, Beyond’s KS3 Easter/Spring Mini Writing Project is the ideal Easter resource for KS3 English…it’s time to get cracking.

Eggciting Easter Maths Activities KS3 🐥

Think Easter is a number-free holiday? Think again! Beyond has a direct line to the Easter Bunny’s mathematically-minded brother and chocolate eggs are the last thing on his mind. Feast your eyes on our bumper-edition of Easter maths activities for KS3 students and uncover the numbers behind our favourite holiday.

Maths Easter: Differentiated Activity Pack

Fancy some Easter coordinates? Easter quadratic equations? Egg hunt sequences? Okay, how about Easter indices? Oh, you want all of those resources for your Easter lesson plans? Well, simply download Beyond’s Maths Easter: Differentiated Activity Pack and they’re yours, providing hours and hours of maths-based Easter revelry that’ll have even the most maths-shy students hopping with joy.

Maths Easter: Differentiated Activity Pack

Covering more ground than the Easter Bunny himself, our Easter maths activities KS3 include:

  • Easter Addition & Subtraction Colour by Numbers
  • Easter Bunny Maths Game
  • Easter Coordinates Differentiated Activity Sheets
  • Easter Egg Hunt Board Game
  • Easter Egg Hunt Sequences Differentiated Activity Sheets
  • Easter Gradient Colour by Numbers
  • Easter Indices Colour by Number
  • Easter Mosaic Activity Sheets
  • Easter Murder Mystery Activity Sheet

To name merely a few! If you’re looking to jazz up your Easter lesson plans this year, you know where to come.

Eggceptional Easter Resources for KS3 Science 🐤

We’ve seen how we can weave Easter into KS3 Maths and English but what about the science behind Easter? Well, with a little chocolatey Easter magic, you and your KS3 science students can recreate the rock cycle at home.

Rock Cycle Modelling with Chocolate

Four words: chocolate shavings rock cycle…need we say more? 

A festive secondary resource sponsored by the Easter Bunny himself, KS3 science students recreate the rock cycle with chocolate, layer by layer. 

Easter lesson plan: Rock Cycle Modelling with Chocolate

Creating a practical model of sedimentation and compaction, KS3 science students create chocolatey variants of sedimentary rocks, only to mould them into metamorphic rocks and then melt them into igneous rocks. It’s the perfect Easter science experiment for KS3 students and teachers alike!

You can always over-order on your chocolate supplies too if you’re in need of a sugary reprieve by this stage…we won’t tell anyone…

Well, there we have it! Easter lesson plans for KS3 that you can dish out at the drop of some bunny ears. Happy Easter from Beyond.


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