Fortnite Ending: What to do to Fill the Void

Fortnite Ending: What to do to Fill the Void

Parents and teachers the length and breadth of the planet punched the air in triumph today as Fortnite is no more! According to our sources (we definitely weren’t playing…honest…Battle Royale what?) the world imploded and gamers, specifically teenagers, worldwide were left with a huge, swirling void and nothing to fill it. Well, lucky for them…we have some suggestions as we explore Fortnite ending…

Climb a tree

They still exist I’m sure…

Play Kirbie (do people still play that?)

Get yourself a standard-issue sports ball and lob it at the kerb…I think those were the only rules…things seemed simpler in the 90s…

Go outside…

Yep, the outside is still there, even if the virtual game world isn’t…

Get on your bike

No, we’re not telling you to go away. Literally, get on your bike. Better yet, crush a plastic drink container, pop it in the back wheel and it sounds like a motorbike. It’s what we did for fun…

Anything but refreshing Fortnite

It won’t come back any faster because you’re sat there trying to get into the game. Honest. If anything, it’ll feel like longer.

*Sigh* do your homework

Yeah, I mean, we’re a teacher blog…what else were we going to say?

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