Free English Resources & Worksheets

You have, no doubt, arrived at the Beyond GCSE Revision Blog in the hopes of demystifying various aspects of the GCSE English curriculum; a noble pursuit. On top of the detailed posts in this blog, here, you will find a curated sample of free English resources and worksheets (with answers) that you can download and use to bolster your revision!

Below, you’ll find free English resources on Macbeth and A Christmas Carol, along with detailed assistance with AQA English Language, with a revision timetable chucked in for good measure! All of which, we hope, will give you an advantage for revising and help you to achieve the very best you can in GCSE English.

If you’re looking for more free English worksheets, click here! While these resources were initially designed for teachers, we reckon you can benefit from them too!

Free English Resources & Worksheets

Revision Timetable

A Christmas Carol Quotation Revision Sheet (with Answers)

Macbeth Act I Plot Activity

AQA English Language Material

We hope you find this free revision material helpful for your studies! Keep checking back in to see fresh content updated for you to download. Happy revising, from Beyond.

Free English Resources & Worksheets for GCSE Revision