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Enjoy this delightful roster of free images for teaching and education needs. All illustrations provided have been hand-designed by our talented team at Beyond to slot into teaching materials like lesson-based PowerPoints, assistive worksheets, decorative display items and whatever else you wish to glam up!

Just click through the links below to source your educational images.

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Each of these high-quality illustrations can be easily copied and pasted into your resource of choice. We’ve subdivided images by subject and alphabetised the lists to make it simpler for you to find what you need. In order to access your desired image, simply click and copy!

For example, if you’re a teacher or parent/carer seeking an illustration of Isaac Newton to complement your Science lesson’s PowerPoint, you can find it easily through either of two options:

Finding Your Free Teaching Images…

Through the Image Index

  • Click on the relevant subject. In this case, it’s Science.
  • Locate Newton under N on the alphabetised list.

Through the Search Bar

  • Type any part of the name in (or in full) in the search bar and you’ll find our most relevant results
Free images for teaching - searching for pictures.

The range of images goes beyond just iconic figures. We’ve also included a variety of attractive illustrations and designs that cover useful objects used in the classroom or as part of home learning projects.

Items such as calculators, rulers, microscopes and lined paper are great for fulfilling various educational needs in regards to planning and preparation. Each image can go a long way in accessorising your content material to enhance the overall learning experience.