GCSE English Language Grade Boundaries

GCSE English Grade Boundaries

Each year, the grade boundaries for the GCSE English Language exams change. This is because the difficulty of each paper varies slightly and so changing the grade boundaries is a fair way to combat this.

You can use the links below to find the grade boundaries for past exams – and we will even update it as soon as we can to reflect the newest grade boundaries for 2023!

Looking for exam papers? We’ve got you covered:

GCSE English Language Grade Boundaries


Nov 22127117108978777573819
Jun 22127117108978777573819
Nov 21*130119109978574523110
Nov 20*132121111998775533110
Nov 191351251161059585623917
Jun 191351251161059483624120
Nov 181351271191069380583615
Jun 18133122111998775543312
Nov 171341251161039077563515
Jun 1713412311299867452309
*No summer exams due to Covid 19


Nov 22120110101918171523416
Jun 22119109100908070523416
Nov 21*121111101907968503214
Nov 20*123113103917968493012
Nov 191311211111008979583716
Jun 19127117108978676563616
Nov 181341251171059381593716
Jun 18128118108978676563616
Nov 171321231141029180583716
Jun 17123113104938272533416
*No summer exams due to Covid 19


Nov 221431301171028874574023
Jun 221431301171028874574023
Nov 21*138125112978267493215
Nov 20*138125112978267493215
Nov 191441301161028976573820
Jun 191411271141008672543720
Nov 181501331161039077563515
Jun 1815914613412010692725233
Nov 17148130113998572523314
Jun 171421291161028875533110
*No summer exams due to Covid 19


Nov 22123111100887665513724
Jun 2212611410290786533925
Nov 21*12511299857259432813
Nov 20*12411199867360442812
Nov 19132121111978369513316
Jun 19131119107948270523416
Nov 181351261181038874543516
Jun 18129117105928967503316
Nov 17145125111988572533416
Jun 17130118106927666493216
*No summer exams due to Covid 19

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