GCSE English Literature Grade Boundaries

GCSE English Literature Grade Boundaries

Another year, another set of GCSE English Literature grade boundaries.

You’ve heard it before. Varying paper difficulties means your marks will equate to something different depending on the year. The system aims for fairness but you just need to know what you’re up against!

And so, the following tables provide an easy-to-read breakdown of the grade boundaries for past exams. We’ll even update the newest boundaries for 2023 as soon as the information is available!

Looking for exam papers? We’ve got you covered:

GCSE English Literature Grade Boundaries


Jun 221019283726151372411
Nov 21*978778675747352311
Nov 20*12911710691776345279
Jun 19132120109958269513417
Jun 18133121109958167493113
Jun 1714012711599846948276
*No summer exams due to Covid 19


Jun 221121008875624935229
Nov 21*11310189766452382512
Nov 20*13812310993776143269
Jun 19141127113988368503316
Jun 18135120106917661452914
Jun 17141127114988266493216
*No summer exams due to Covid 19


Jun 22124113103928171574330
Nov 21*122112102918069523519
Nov 20*1471341211069177563515
Jun 191501371251119885664728
Jun 1815914613412010692725233
Jun 1716014613211710287633915
*No summer exams due to Covid 19


Jun 22100897865523928188
Nov 21*99867461483627189
Nov 20*135118102846649362412
Jun 19136121106897255422916
Jun 1814212611091735422916
Jun 17140122105866748372615
*No summer exams due to Covid 19

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