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Call us biased, but we think GCSE Maths Probability contains some of KS3/KS4’s most interesting content and fun activities. Here, you’ll get to enjoy its ins and outs with revision-focused posts that talk you through the topic using step-by-step support, example solutions and practice questions. Chances are, you’ll come away feeling more confident about those probability sections of your GCSE exam papers.

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Make Engaging Learning a Certainty

When we talk probability, we’re looking at how likely an event is to happen.

We can use all manner of different ways to describe probability – words, fractions, decimals, percentages – and there are different measures that we can use to represent each event’s likelihood.

Like most things at this level, there’s a lot to cover in GCSE Maths Probability. So you’ll boost your chances of understanding the topic from the get-go by reading through our Introduction to Probability post.

From there, check out the post on Venn Diagram Notation. Both provide interactive content that guides you through the material, much like a teacher or tutor would in class. They’ll also present you with exam-style practice questions that will test your acquisition of the content. And once you’re finished, have a go at marking your work using the provided answers to see how you got on!

Don’t forget, you can complement these probability-focused revision posts with the GCSE Maths past papers themselves.

And, f you’re in need of more material on Probability, you can access the full curriculum content on our sister site, Beyond Secondary Resources. Split by Foundation and Higher Level, you can access worksheets, quizzes, PowerPoints, display items and assessment packs on the topics of mutually exclusive events, experimental probability, tree diagrams and set notation.