GCSE Maths Quiz – Foundation Calculator Papers

When preparing for the GCSE Maths exams, every little bit of practice you do adds up. That’s why we’ve made this GCSE Maths Quiz on the Foundation Calculator Papers just for you (and every other student revising for assessment)!

Test yourself on 12 questions that are picked from the topics that pop up the most often on the foundation calculator papers.

Wait! Before you start, it’s a good idea to reset your calculator just to make sure you don’t have it on the wrong setting! For a Casio calculator, press “shift“, then the “9” and then follow the instructions to clear everything.

Welcome to your GCSE Maths Calculator Foundation Quiz

Practice is the answer to the question: ‘how do I reach my target grades in exams?’. This quiz provides an ideal platform to practise for the exams using content reflective of the assessment material.

It covers algebra, percentages, number, measure, rounding and more to help you boost your skills and confidence across a range of topics.

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