GCSE Results Day: What Not to Do

a student writing an examGCSE Results Day in 2019 will fall on Thursday 22nd August. While you might have nervous energy about how well your students might have done, your students are likely to be feeling it tenfold. We’ve already outlined that A-Level results day is a mix of anxiety, stress and misery this week so what can you do to make that experience all the better? We’ve compiled a handy list of what not to do, at the very least.

First of all, don’t panic!

Your students are probably nervous enough as it is! If you begin showing signs of jitters, the students are going to pick up on that. Similarly, if the students you held high hopes for misses the mark, the last thing they need to see as they invariably wipe tears from their eyes is to see you doing the same.

Remain calm, promise to sit down with the student and have a chat about their options. For some students, a bad result may seem like the end of the world and they’ll feed on any nervous energy you’re giving off. Reassure them that it’s definitely not the end of the world and that there are plenty of options open to them.

…but avoid being too chirpy!

No one is going to tell you not to have a wonderful moment with the one student who managed to land a 5 despite all expectations. However, do consider that all around the halls and corridors are students looking for a teacher to comfort them. Some students, despite their hard work, didn’t land that result on the day.

Basically, carefully consider your response if a sombre student turns up looking for a shoulder to cry on. The last thing they want to hear is: “Did you hear? Sally got four grade 8s! Isn’t that gre.. oh. Oh no. Okay.

Avoid the temptation of ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you’.

The incredibly-bright-but-lazy student offers an incredulous sigh of annoyance at their results and you’re biting your tongue. Avoid getting on that high horse and pontificating about all the times you told them to get their head in the game and revise. They already know – and hearing it from you is going to sting all the more now there’s little else they can do about it.

Lastly, do enjoy yourself and revel in the success of your students and be there for the ones that are downhearted. Leave a good impression on everyone you see – it might be the last time you see them for years!

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