How on Earth do I get a Twinkl Secondary Subscription?!

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Don’t know where to click?

Here at Twinkl Secondary we’re nothing if not honest. And one of the things I want to be frank about is how difficult some customers have found it to:

a) decide what sort of Twinkl Secondary subscription they need;

b) work out how to navigate the site without bumping into a load of material that they’re not interested in.

It’s an issue that’s not going away any time soon so I didn’t want to shy away from it when there are hundreds of teachers out there who could really benefit from the extra lift that an annual investment of £53.88 would give them.

If you’re a subject specialist then simply choose the subject you want from the menu at this link. If you work across a range of subjects then the easiest way to get the cheapest deal is to call Twinkl Cares on 0114 349 4981 and get them to talk you through it.

If you want a bit of background, read on. If you just need your subscription now, and you’re a subject specialist, then this is the place to be:


How has the issue come about?

Twinkl was set up as a website for primary teachers 8 years ago. We’ve always been an organisation that prides itself on our responsiveness to customers; thus when, 4 or 5 years into Twinkl’s life, we began to get requests for secondary resources from our community, we began appointing classroom-based secondary subject specialists to write a small supply of content.

That small supply turned into a big deal! There are now thousands of amazing resources written by secondary teachers for secondary teachers, and whereas before, to access these you had to buy into a full suite of Twinkl resources from KS1 upwards, it is now possible to obtain only the secondary resources for the subject you specialise in. Here’s the link again:

What’s the best way of navigating?

Chances are that initially you may see a bunch of resources that aren’t relevant to your area. The best way to narrow this down is to ensure that your career is set to “Secondary Teacher (KS3/KS4)” – click on the flag, top right.

Change career2

Once you’ve done that your dashboard will turn a beautiful deep purple shade and all of your recommendations will be pulled from the secondary pages.

You’ll still see other secondary subject resources though. The only way to prevent this is to choose the relevant subject you’re looking for from the secondary landing page.

Once you’re on the subject homepage you should see a pretty focused selection of resources appropriate to the area that you teach in.

At Twinkl we’re really proud to not only offer quality teaching materials across the spectrum of years and subjects, but also to be experts in every one of those areas – that does mean we need a huge website to host it all and there are occasional frustrations in finding what you want. But personally, I would see a subscription as invaluable (see my “what’s the point?” blog here), so I urge you to dig in, change your settings, search intelligently, and if you need to know where anything is – just ask. We’re available to talk 24/7 on the phone and we’re happy to receive messages on our social media channels.

Welcome to the Twinkl Secondary community!

– Sam

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