How to Deal with Teenage Girl Fallouts

converse-all-star-fashion-foot-1581.jpgDebi offers her advice on dealing with fallouts between teenage girls. Debi is a former pastoral manager, head of year and head of house.

Girls, girls, girls! Boy’s fallouts are usually forgotten by the end of break but girls can hold a grudge for years. With social media this can often escalate from one comment to an entire circus.  Here are a few pointers to help nip the situation in the bud.

  • Hold a meeting with the two main ‘offenders’.
  • Hold a separate meeting with any other girls involved and tell them to stay out of it.
  • Ask them to write down what their complaint is about the other person in their own time.
  • Remind them that if they have nothing nice to say then say nothing.
  • Offer to ring their parents to explain and ask them not to get involved directly with the other child.
  • Suggest they block each other on all social media sites and that they don’t have their friends spy for them.
  • If a parent is involved and making threatening comments to a child online suggest the other parent takes this complaint to the police.
  • Ensure they know that bullying and violence cannot be condoned and the school punishment system will be upheld even if a parent has told them to do something.
  • Sometimes insisting they sit next to each other and work together can help. You can be the best judge in this situation.

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