International Friendship Day

The United Nations officially recognised the 30th of July as International Friendship Day in April 2011, with the hope that it would inspire friendship between people, countries and cultures and rebuild broken bridges.

In the last year and a half, our world has faced so many challenges ranging from illness, depression, financial loss and bereavement. Even before the effects of COVID-19 and still, at this present time, many people are experiencing extreme poverty, violence, and abuse of their human rights. Though we can’t eradicate all of these atrocities in a day, the event of International Friendship Day invites us to remember and uplift others along the way. Through friendship, we are able to bind together and form strong emotional bonds that can be transformative in our lives and contribute to the greater good of humanity. 

International Friendship Day is the one day a year where friends from all over the world show appreciation for one another. Here are some ways you can celebrate this year:

Three Ways To Celebrate International Friendship Day

1. Donate to your favourite charity

The power of friendship far exceeds the bond you have with your best buds. The true spirit of friendship reaches out to all corners and cultures of the world. Donating your blood, time, money or resources to those less fortunate fully encompasses the spirit of friendship. It uplifts those who really need support and gives them hope that they can overcome the situation that they are in. Whether you decide to volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate unused clothes or give money, you’re making a huge difference in the lives of others.

2. Do something nostalgic with friends

There’s something about nostalgia that makes you feel so appreciative. It reminds you of a joyful time in your life. Why not celebrate this International Friendship Day with an activity that takes you back to when you first became friends. Did you bond over particular shows, movies, music, food or books? Did you dress a certain way? Think about the things you had fun doing together and recreate them! You can do this in person or virtually, which means you can connect with your besties no matter where they are. It’s a great way to see how far your friendship has come.

3. Write a heartfelt letter or message

With so many people living such fast-paced busy lives it’s easy to lose touch with your friends, especially as you get older. Just because you don’t talk every day does not mean that the bond is broken. Taking the time to write a heartfelt letter or message, detailing the journey you’ve been on together, your favourite memories and the qualities you love most about them will show your best friends how much you appreciate them. 

Mark this International Friendship Day by doing something that uplifts someone else and celebrates the true spirit of friendship. You could encourage the young people you live/work with to think about friendship with a range of activities here. Or if you want to teach your students the importance of friendship when you’re back at school check out our Platonic Relationships Lesson Pack.

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