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Get a cuppa ready and dive right into It’s Your Own Time You’re Wasting, an education podcast created to offer you a slice of staffroom chat with our engaging hosts, Marie and Jodi (plus a few special guests)…

Where will our teacher talk take us? Let’s find out!

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2.7 | School Ghosts and Classroom Hauntings
This week we’re becoming ghost hunters and swapping ghost stories set in schools – so you might want to keep the lights on while you listen!
2.6 | Brainwashed by Andrew Tate – Combatting Misogyny in the Classroom
What effect do toxic social media influencers such as Andrew Tate have on our young men? We welcome special guest Neil Morland, who offers insight into what teachers can do to fight extremism and radicalisation.
2.5 | Teacher Strikes – Will They Make a Difference?
A big discussion topic this week – teaching strikes in the UK. So we’ve invited on Emma Rose, NEU VP and MFL teacher (amongst many other things!).
2.4 | Three Teachers and a Dating Site
What’s dating like for teachers? Are teachers even human enough to have lives outside of school? Here, Marie and Jodi discuss the details with the founder of Edudate, Tom Rogers.
2.3 | Will Robots Take Over the Classroom?
The world is talking about AI technology – and the technology is doing a lot of talking back too – so this week we dedicate our time to the question, ‘will ChatGPT change the world?’.
2.2 | Maths ’til You Die?
What do our hosts, Marie and Jodi, think about Rishi Sunak’s comments on making maths mandatory until 18? This week, they go through the numbers with financial expert and Bippit founder, Sam Lathey.
2.1 | You Don’t Have to Be Mad to Work Here
Kicking off Season 2 of IYOTYW is an episode that addresses the elephant in the (staff) room: teacher wellbeing. Let’s chat real-life experiences and listen to the wishes of our hosts, Marie and Jodi, for positive changes in future education.

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1.8 | Christmas: I’ve Got Nuts in My Teeth!
What happens with your Christmas lessons in school? Do you line up an audience-friendly run of festive film or are you obligated to wrap up those lingering learning objectives?
1.7 | The Secret Lives of Teachers: Fossil Hunter
Teachers by day, teachers by night? For many, this feels like the norm but this week we explore the secret lives of teachers. That is, when we pretend to have a life outside the classroom…
1.6 | Three Strikes and You’re Out
For some it’s the bane of their career, for others it’s the reason they got into teaching. This week, Marie and Jodi delve into behaviour management classroom strategies. Buckle up, we’re in for a stormy ride!
1.5 | Does My Bum Look Big in This?
Does my Bum look big in this? In this week’s episode of IYOTYW, Marie and Jodi ask the million-dollar question, what should teachers wear in school?
1.4 | So, You’re a Teacher?
Welcome to return listeners and newcomers alike, as we tackle some teaching issues that’ll strike a chord with many of you in or around the profession. Notably, this week we get into the public perception of teachers off the back of those “So…you’re a teacher” conversations.
1.3 | Get Out of My Classroom
The spectrum for conversational pieces in education is endless, as is the capacity for Jodi and Marie’s discussion in the latest podcast episode of IYOTYW! This time, we turn our attention to learning walks…
1.2 | Are We Nearly There Yet?
Our dynamic hosts are back again for episode 2 of IYOTYW, bringing you an education-themed podcast that broaches many teacher-related topics. This week, they discuss the evergreen conversational piece of residential trips, including school trips that went horribly wrong!
1.1 | New Year, New You?
We kick off this brand new education-based podcast by conversing on issues and situations familiar to teachers of all ages. Jodi and Marie warm the room with cathartic conversation that touches on new (school) year resolutions, planning and preparation, teacher types and advice to new teachers.

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TRAILER: It’s Your Own Time You’re Wasting – Chat From Beyond the Classroom
It’s education, Jim, but not as we know it… banter, biscuits and bonkers ideas are the key ingredients in It’s Your Own Time You’re Wasting – the new education podcast from Beyond. Join Marie and Jodi as they serve up a slice of staffroom chat and get to grips with the most pressing issues in education today, such as socialising with non-teachers, mislaying students on school trips, and re-training your bladder after the summer holidays.

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An Education Podcast Produced by Teachers, For Teachers

For a job where you’re surrounded by students all day, teaching can sometimes be pretty isolating. Often, it can seem like the only people who get teachers are teachers themselves. Ever attempted to explain to a non-teacher just how boring marking can be? Ever tried to explain to your mates the horrors of Year Nine final period on a Friday? Ever found yourself justifying to the in-laws the six-week holiday?

Us too. And we know it sucks.

Which is why we started It’s Your Own Time You’re Wasting, the new education podcast from Beyond. It’s the podcast produced by teachers, for teachers. Released fortnightly, it’s a half-hour safe space where teachers offload about the amazing highs and the heart-breaking lows of what might just be the best profession in the world.

Every episode, hosts Marie and Jodi (both secondary teachers themselves) take a candid look at life in the classroom, with no holds barred. And they also welcome a new guest each time – from experts in education AI, to the Vice President of the largest teaching union. There are plenty of ordinary teachers, too, who share their top tips, experiences and anecdotes over a cuppa. Come and join them! You’ll probably laugh; you’ll probably rage; you’ll definitely want to tune in again.

Released every other Friday during term time, It’s Your Own Time You’re Wasting is the ideal accompaniment to the commute home after a long week at the teaching coalface. To be sure you don’t miss an episode, like and subscribe on your podcast platform of choice – or simply click on the links above. And don’t forget, you can even join in with the debate yourself, by emailing with your thoughts.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Education Podcast - It's Your Own Time You're Wasting

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