January Exams 2021

January Exams 2021 - Beyond

So here we are in 2021! Last year was probably the most difficult that many of us have faced in our professional and personal lives, and while we might have had our fingers crossed that the New Year would bring a return to normality, it looks like we’re stuck with the dreaded unprecedented times for a little while longer…along with the added news of January exams in 2021…

Cancelled January Exams

For teachers, the pandemic has brought constant uncertainty about whether or not schools will be open and exams will go ahead. Lockdown announcements have given educators little time to change their planning or prepare for remote teaching. While most children are now learning from home and this year’s January exams for GCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled, the government is allowing vocational exams such as BTecs to go ahead, piling even more pressure onto staff and students alike. It’s all a lot to handle for a job that isn’t exactly stress-free at the best of times!

This uncertainty is taking its toll on students, too. It’s hard to model consistency and reliability to our young people when we have as little idea of what’s coming next week as they do, and after a year of ping-ponging in and out of school many of them will feel jaded and let down by the education system. Nobody wants the opportunities and prospects of a generation of children to be damaged by a situation outside their control, but motivating students to stay enthusiastic about their learning is a daily challenge.

While the world might be a little chaotic at the moment, we’re sure of one thing: that teachers are dedicated to the education of their students. The lessons might be unconventional, but the focus remains on getting the best outcomes for young people. And while teachers are some of the most skilled, resilient and adaptable folks out there, we could all use a little help from time to time. With that said, here’s a few of the ways that Beyond can support you as we wait for more precedented times to return.

Beyond’s free School Closure Resource Packs 

Designed for KS3 and GCSE students, this category contains a wealth of ready-made English, Maths and Science resources ideal for home learning, along with practical wellbeing activities that can help to ease the transition back to remote education.

Our Home Learning section 

This category contains curated resources perfect for student-directed learning, for when you need quality teacher-made worksheets and activities at the click of a button.

BBC Bitesize

We’ve partnered with BBC Bitesize to provide content for their daily lessons and schemes of work across the English, Maths and Science curriculums.

Nobody signed themselves up for teaching in these circumstances and certainly nobody wanted this situation to carry on into 2021, but we’re all focused on the same objective of doing the best that we can for our young people. We’re certain that you and your students are going to get through this, but whenever you need an extra helping hand, Beyond has got you covered.

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