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KS3 curriculum mapping – it probably sounds like a dream if you’re an organised strategist but not so much if you aren’t. Curriculum maps outline the learning plan for the entire teaching year, they’re essentially a roadmap. Every school is required to follow the National Curriculum’s guidelines but creating a full KS3 curriculum map can be very daunting. Pupils need to be taught specific skills but that can’t be done if they don’t have specific prior knowledge – they have to be able to crawl before they can walk. Beyond’s curriculum maps break down the topics that need to be covered, the prior knowledge needed to cover them and the new skills that should be taught to your pupils. Our curriculum maps give you a lightning-fast understanding of what you need to plan and teach effectively. 

So how can you start mapping out your class’ curriculum? We’ve got all the information you need for English, Maths and Science and the best part is it’s just one download away! We’ve taken care of all the hard stuff so you don’t have to.

KS3 English Curriculum Map

KS3 English Curriculum Map

Beyond’s KS3 English Curriculum Map is specially designed to meet all curriculum requirements for Year 7 – 9 pupils. It allows you to plan ahead so you can deliver exceptional KS3 English lessons that support the learning of your pupils.

In one quick download, you can explore and enjoy a range of pre-planned lessons! All the lesson plans are secondary-teacher-certified and can be used just as they are or to complement your own lesson plans. Beyond’s KS3 English Curriculum Map includes assessment objectives, full lesson packs on numerous topics, a variety of lessons on different texts and so much more.

KS3 English Curriculum Map contains:

  • KS3 English Curriculum Map – Programmes of Study.pdf
  • KS3 English Curriculum Map – Year 7.pdf
  • KS3 English Curriculum Map – Overview.pdf
  • KS3 English Curriculum Map – Year 8.pdf
  • KS3 English Curriculum Map – Year 9.pdf
  • KS3 English Curriculum Map – Objectives Mapping.pdf

We have even created an informative Youtube video that explores the full contents of KS3 English Curriculum Map and explains how to use it effectively.

KS3 Maths Curriculum Map

KS3 Maths Curriculum Map

The curriculum mapping doesn’t just stop with English, Beyond’s also offers a comprehensive KS3 Maths Curriculum Map for all the Maths teachers out there! This map was formulated to fit into an existing scheme of work, providing an overview of what your pupils need to know across each KS3 Maths topic, as well as links to helpful resources that you can use to reinforce your teaching.

Our KS3 Maths Termly Planning Sheet is another handy resource that will help you manage lesson planning without getting overwhelmed. Whether you’ve already planned ahead but want resources to bolster your efforts or you don’t know where to start with planning, our KS3 Maths Curriculum Map has done all the hard work for you. You can focus on what you love, delivering exceptional lessons and improving the minds of your pupils.

KS3 Maths Curriculum Map contains:

  • KS3 Maths Curriculum Map – Programmes of Study.pdf
  • KS3 Maths Subject Contents For All Topics.pdf

Beyond’s KS3 Maths Curriculum Map contains helpful information and assessment objectives relating to each KS3 Maths topic, it comes complete with corresponding resources from our own catalogue and a handy “try this first” section as a gateway to each topic. If you’d like a full explanation check out the Youtube video below.

KS3 Science Curriculum Overview

KS3 Science Curriculum Overview

Calling all Science teachers – this one’s for you! Our team of experienced teachers have created the KS3 Science Curriculum Overview to help reduce your workload. The curriculum overview includes all national curriculum requirements for Science students at KS3. Whether you are teaching the content over two years or three years, our overview carefully outlines a suggested order to teach the topics and describes how each topic links to the KS3 National Curriculum.

Each topic is accompanied by helpful links that take you to the relevant unit on our site, planning has never been easier and quicker. We provide you with all the information and resources you need to teach KS3 Science effectively. 

For further information and planning support for Key Stage 3 subjects, you can head over to Beyond’s range of curriculum maps and overviews here.

KS3 Science Curriculum Overview contains:

  • 1x Two Year KS3 Science Curriculum Overview
  • 1x Three Year KS3 Science Curriculum Overview

Inside this downloadable KS3 Science Curriculum Overview you’ll find two files. For a detailed exploration of the resources please watch the short Youtube video below, we’re sure your questions will be answered.

Curriculum mapping is a simple but oh so effective way to improve teaching practice and assist your pupils in their learning. At Beyond, we want teachers to be the best educators they can be without sacrificing their health and well-being. Save yourself the hassle and let us handle the planning, we’ve got you covered.

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