Kusala Rajendran

Kusala Rajendran

Kusala Rajendran (9154 – present) is an earth scientist whose research focuses on earthquakes and their patterns.

Her work on seismology (the study of earthquakes) has led to her being recognised as one of the pioneers in this research field. She currently works as a professor at the Centre for Earth Science in India.

Rajendran has worked on every significant earthquake that has happened in India in recent years. After the tsunami (a large wave caused by an underwater volcanic eruption or earthquake) that occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004, Rajendran travelled to the south-Indian state of Tamil Nadu to study past tsunamis.

There, she unearthed a layer of ancient soil that had come all the way from the ocean floor. This provided evidence of a similar tsunami that took place approximately 1000 years ago.

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