Christmas Maths Activities for KS3

Christmas Maths Activities for KS3

Ok, so we all have those moments where we can’t get Christmas lyrics out of our head, we’re on the countdown to the last day of term and Christmas just takes over. Along with the summer holidays, Christmas is one of those times in the school calendar year where students seem to be on a wind-down and keeping them focused, engaged and inspired in their maths learning can be somewhat challenging! So, how do you keep them engaged up until that final bell goes on the last day? Using Beyond’s latest batch of Christmas Maths activities for KS3, that’s how! Christmas has come early…

Christmas Transformations πŸŽ„

Christmas Transformations: Rotation, Reflection and Translation

Inject a little Christmas spirit into your Maths lessons with this collection of Christmas Transformation resources. Rotate, reflect and translate your way to festive cheer, all while honing some core Maths skills at the same time. After successfully rotating, reflecting and translating the of the shapes in the transformations activity, the pupil will be left with a delightful Christmas-themed picture. N’awh…

Christmas Colouring Worksheets 🀢

Oh yes! Nothing says Christmas like a pack of Christmas-themed colour by numbers! Perfect for adding a dash of snow-sprinkled excitement to your lessons, these resources offer valuable revision of key topics, such as fractions, decimals and percentages, numeracy, times tables and indices, keeping your students engaged mathematically…as well as Christmas-ally…if that’s a word? πŸ€”

Christmas Algebra 🦌

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some algebra, right? This fun festive puzzle is based on forming and solving simultaneous equations. Set this up as a paired or small group task.

Christmas Triangular Dominoes β˜ƒοΈ

Christmas Maths Activities KS3: Christmas Triangular Dominoes Activity

You can’t go wrong with this set of triangular dominoes – especially if you want a little bit more of a hands-on activity. The set is great for a variety of number topics and for all abilities. They are also available in differing sizes, so we’ve got you covered depending on whether you want a plenary or main activity. Set this up as a paired activity, or create a competition between small groups to see who can finish first. All the dominoes will piece back together to create a festive image.

Well there you have it! A selection box of neatly-wrapped Christmas Maths activities for KS3 students… all of which are yours with a simple click!

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Happy Christmas from the Beyond Maths Team.

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