Maths Christmas: Is It the Season to be Jolly… Yet?

Three snowmen

Ok, so we all have those moments where we can’t get those Christmas lyrics out of our head, we’re on countdown to the last day of term and Christmas just takes over. Students constantly ask, ‘Can we do fun stuff?’ ‘Do you have a Christmas quiz?’ Along with the summer holidays, Christmas is one of those times in the school calendar year where students seem to be on a wind down from some time in November (if not earlier!) and keeping them focused, engaged and inspired in their maths learning can be somewhat challenging! So, how do you keep them engaged up until that final bell goes on the last day?

Well, we have a ton of Christmas resources to help you in your quest for engaged students who are revising and learning mathematically, whilst tying in perfectly with the festive season. They are ideal for students and easy for you to set up. So go on, add that festive spirit and cheer to those remaining lessons.


Triangular Dominoes

You can’t go wrong with this set of triangular dominoes – especially if you want a little bit more of a hands-on activity. The set is great for a variety of number topics and for all abilities. They are also available in differing sizes, so we’ve got you covered depending on whether you want a plenary or a main activity. Set this up as a paired activity, or create a competition between small groups to see who can finish first. All the dominoes will piece back together to create a festive image.

Do your students love creating images from coordinates?

Graphs and Coordinates

The Christmas graphs and co-ordinate activity pack is simply ‘dazzling’ for all abilities. Inject a little Christmas spirit into your Christmas maths lessons with this awesome collection of graph resources. Students are given practice of plotting Cartesian coordinates on single-quadrant and four-quadrant graphs, plotting straight line graphs and performing transformations on a Christmas tree. What’s more, all the activities create festive Christmas pictures.

Can colouring still be mathematical?

Colour by Numbers

Oh yes! This pack of colour by numbers is perfect to add the festive cheer in your lessons. It offers valuable revision of key topics, such as fractions, decimals and percentages, numeracy, times tables and indices, so will keep your students engaged mathematically.

Can I get a cheer for Algebra?

Algebra puzzle

Maths wouldn’t be maths without some algebra and this activity hits the nail on the head. This fun festive puzzle is based on forming and solving simultaneous equations to find out how much Grandmother Twinkl has spent on each family member. Set this up as a paired or small group task.

We hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

Written by Siobhan Lawrence (Content Writer and Marketing Assistant).

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