National Poetry Day 2020 with Beyond

National Poetry Day 2020

To see a world in a grain of sand and KS3 National Poetry Day resources in an hour. English teachers rejoice: National Poetry Day 2020 is nigh! It’s time to practise your pentameter, coordinate your couplets and amplify your assonance, with Beyond…

What is National Poetry Day 2020?

National Poetry Day is an annual mass celebration of all things poetry. Celebrated each year, National Poetry Day encourages everyone and everyone to enjoy, discover and share poetry in a global exchange of thoughts, ideas, cultures and language. This year’s theme is “vision” and we have a few resources that you might want to consider including in your literary repertoire. KS3 and GCSE English teachers, this is for you…

National Poetry Day KS3 Resources 

While you undoubtedly have your very own favourite verses to draw on, Beyond has a dedicated resource or two that you can use if you need additional material. 

Pop Music and Poetry Unit of Work

Pop Music and Poetry for National Poetry Day 2020

Chart-topper or page-turner? Pop song or poem? Use our Pop Music and Poetry Unit of Work for National Poetry Day 2020 to engage reticent readers by considering the blurred lines between pop music and poetry. Containing more than enough lessons for you to pick and choose from, our Pop Music and Poetry resources cover:

A great way to introduce poetry to an audience that might not know that they already enjoy it, our Pop Music and Poetry Unit of Work subtly blends key poetic elements with an open debate on what exactly constitutes “poetry.” 

An Introduction To…

An Introduction To Key English Skills

Beyond’s Introduction to lessons are a great way to expose your students to a range of core poetic concepts that they can then use to bolster literary analysis skills, such as:

Complete with PowerPoints and follow-up activities, our “Introduction to” lessons offer a definitive crash-course on various poetic concepts – ideal lesson material for National Poetry Day 2020.

National Poetry Day Activity Pack

National Poetry Day Activity Pack

If you’re looking for a number of National Poetry Day 2020 resources, all in one convenient download, then search no longer! Beyond’s National Poetry Day Activity Pack contains a range of activities for National Poetry Day that you can mix and match at will, including:

  • Famous poets puzzles and word searches
  • Great one-liners quiz
  • Edward Lear search activity

Celebrate National Poetry Day 2020 with Beyond

So, there you have it! No more wandering lonely as a cloud, there’s no need to compare us to a summer’s day, and please do not go gentle into that good night! We have all of your National Poetry Day 2020 needs covered! All that’s left is to dust off your favourite tomes and revel in National Poetry Day, with Beyond.

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