The Unicorn Teacher

They’re very rare and special. There won’t be more than one or two in a school. Sometimes there won’t be any at all. They hold distinctive and exceptional qualities that are breathtaking to behold, many want to emulate and few can achieve. They are the unicorn teachers and if you meet one, you should look after them very, very carefully. Unicorn Teachers deliver in many ways like so many teachers: they work hard and go the extra mile for their students, being friendly, positive and genuinely interested. You’ll find them at extra-curricular clubs and meetings, being helpful to new staff … Continue reading The Unicorn Teacher

4 Behaviour Tips to Share with Your NQT

You’ve been in your new post for a term and pocket change at this point – you’ve probably got most of the behavioural quirks down but you’re finding that as half-term approaches, new challenges are beginning to appear… time to do some sleuthing. Hold Firm It’s tempting to step off the gas regarding classroom management as you settle into your role. Why not, after all? The kids start to take a greater liking to you as you begin to show more of your personality and you become more comfortable in front of them – but don’t let your students mistake … Continue reading 4 Behaviour Tips to Share with Your NQT

Marmite or Vanilla: What Flavour of Teacher Are You?

Courting popularity is a fool’s game. Of course it is. That’s that we tell the young people in our care. Yet how many of us have cast envious glances at the colleague who’s adored by the kids and has all those gushing ‘thank you/we’ll miss you’ cards pinned above the desk to prove it? Let’s face it, most of us like to be liked. And life is generally easier if you’re able to win the goodwill of others. Particularly when you play to an audience of hundreds daily. Unfortunately, we can’t all be the cookies and cream teacher, partly because … Continue reading Marmite or Vanilla: What Flavour of Teacher Are You?

In Defence of the Controversial Opinion

I was recently browsing through Twitter and a particular thread caught my eye. It was a post asking readers to give their most unpopular, even sacrilegious, literary opinion. In the comments below was a cacophony of spicy takes: fan fiction and Young Adult literature are as important as classic novels! Ebooks are better than paper! Dog-earing pages is fine! Some films are better than the book! As I scanned through, I found myself nodding in agreement with some, while others made the colour rise in my cheeks as I struggled to contain the urge to reply with a tirade about … Continue reading In Defence of the Controversial Opinion

All I Want for Christmas Is…

A couple of weeks ago, news broke that a private school in Oxfordshire was capping the value of gifts to teachers at £50. Besides a job at any school where parents might actually lavish staff with such appreciation, it got us wondering what all the teachers on Santa’s good list this year might be wishing for… Here are some ideas from our Christmas list: A magic marker. Not those thick felt-tips that students always think they can get high on, we’re talking about an enchanted pen that skips through piles of books, annotating pupils’ work with the words of wisdom … Continue reading All I Want for Christmas Is…

Be Yourself: Should There Be Behaviour Expectations on Teachers?

One of our content writers mulls over the conundrum, to what extent should your ‘school self’ be your true self? It’s a truism that teaching involves a certain amount of acting; whether putting on a straight face or a stern one, sometimes disguising your true feelings is by far the best approach. But just how much should you sublimate the real you? Fashion Conscious For me, this question has rarely been any more critical than how far I can bend the teacher dress code… Is a suit and trainer combination ever acceptable? Is there any theoretical evidence linking the choice … Continue reading Be Yourself: Should There Be Behaviour Expectations on Teachers?