How to Increase Your Use of Technology in the Maths Classroom

vintage-648120_1920.jpgThe traditional chalk and talk method is mostly a thing of the past. Integrating technology with a traditional classroom setting can be a challenge, but it does have its merits, not least in helping young people prepare for a life of digital literacy. We’ve developed a number of mathematical videos that can be integrated with your lessons or used on a stand-alone basis. Each of the lessons below is linked to a tutorial video found in its description: check them out!

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Give Students Control

By using instructional videos, students can control the pace of the information they receive. They can pause as and when they need to write things down, rewind to watch an example a second or third time, or even start over if they find their attention has drifted! Each of our place value videos is no more than 3 or 4 minutes, allowing students to learn the mathematical concept at their own pace.

A Flipped Classroom

Looking to encourage independent learning? What about trying a flipped classroom? By setting a homework which asks students to watch a video and make notes, students come to the lesson prepared to ask meaningful questions to assist their learning. It frees up your time as a teacher to focus on those students who require further help, and deepen the understanding of all through problem-solving activities.

Need Cover?

A challenge of teaching is to provide meaningful (but easy to deliver!) cover. By linking the videos to a learning management system, or simply sending the link by email, you can ensure your students are receiving real teaching during a cover lesson and also ensure that your colleagues are not having to do any extra work!

A Real Time-Saver

We all know that a teacher’s time is of the essence. What better way to save time than using premade videos that align perfectly with the content of that lesson? Each of these videos links to the PowerPoint of that lesson, meaning they can be used in whatever way seems appropriate and then accompanied by the ready-made worksheets and games.

Why don’t you share your experiences of using these videos to support your teaching? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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