The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Let’s guess your resolutions for 2019: Eat better. Exercise. Explore a new hobby. Exorcise a bad habit. Are we close? Statistics show that these are the most common resolutions alongside saving money and getting more sleep. Statistics also show that only 50% of people are confident that they can stick to their resolutions while 1 in 5 people admit that their resolutions are overly ambitious and potentially unsustainable. Setting targets to improve our lives naturally comes with the territory of New Year and many of them focus on physical improvements, but one of the most important things people always forget is … Continue reading The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Take Cover! How To Survive Cover Lessons

Twinkl content writer, qualified English teacher and sometimes cover supervisor Paul Brand shares his blueprints for surviving cover lessons. The hazy, indeterminate nature of cover lessons makes them a battleground from which nobody emerges with much credit, and I speak as someone who’s fought on all sides. Is there any solution to the age-old conflict that arises whenever the regular class teacher has to temporarily vacate their position of authority? Petty Officers Let’s start with the kids. The eyes of even the brightest and best light up at the sight of a cover teacher trooping through the gates. Looking on … Continue reading Take Cover! How To Survive Cover Lessons

Back to School: How to Beat ‘The Dread’

Back to School Blues If there’s one thing to be said about school holidays, it’s the fact that a lot of social norms go out of the window. We’ll indulge in unusual amounts of alcohol because it’s not a ‘school … Continue reading Back to School: How to Beat ‘The Dread’

Passion or Planning: Where Should a Teacher’s Priorities Lie?

Penny S-K explores different approaches to planning, and how to get the best out of your teaching personality. Several years ago, I worked with the most incredible teacher. Let’s call him Bob. Bob was the kind of teacher we all aspire to be: he was liked and respected by students, had excellent subject knowledge, and delivered consistently good Key Stage 3 and GCSE results. He wasn’t a saint though – he could occasionally be snappy with staff and his desk looked like it had been the victim of a highly localised whirlwind. But he was a great teacher. Like all … Continue reading Passion or Planning: Where Should a Teacher’s Priorities Lie?

The Best Things about Being a Teacher

It’s no secret that teaching is hard work and, at times, stressful. When the stress gets the better of us, it’s easy to forget that at its core, teaching is one of the best jobs out there. If you’re having a particularly tough day, here are five of the best things about being a teacher. No One Day Is Ever the Same Sure, your timetable won’t be changing and the bells go off at the same time every day but the fact that you have the opportunity to try new ideas, teach new content and chat to your students about … Continue reading The Best Things about Being a Teacher

How Do You Survive Form Time at Christmas?

Science content writer Claire Brown talks us through the pleasures and pitfalls of being a form tutor around Christmas time and how she engages her students with a bit of festive competition… Tis the Season to Be Jolly! I absolutely love Christmas. It’s a time filled with fun and excitement but also a time that can strike fear into teachers around the country! The build-up to Christmas is an emotional roller-coaster for both teachers and pupils alike. For some, there will be worries about getting to know a new school, for others panic about the start of a new GCSE … Continue reading How Do You Survive Form Time at Christmas?

Maths Mastery: The Why and the What

Maths content writer Sarah Garry explores the fact and fiction behind maths mastery. A Passing Fad or Evidence-Based Game Changer? Read up on the latest maths pedagogy, and you’ll struggle to avoid seeing the word ‘mastery’ fairly regularly. It’s more than just a buzzword though; it’s a government supported initiative designed to raise attainment across all groups by ensuring students build strong foundations and develop deep understanding. Leaning heavily on the education programmes of Shanghai and Singapore, widely recognised as the leading educators in maths, science and reading, the programme supports the 2014 curriculum that says, ‘All pupils should become … Continue reading Maths Mastery: The Why and the What