Post-Easter Resources for a Successful Return to the Classroom

Post-Easter Resources for a Successful Return to the Classroom

The Easter holidays are in full swing! It’s one of a few times a year where we all have an excuse to shovel in copious amounts of chocolate – egg-shaped or otherwise. Before you jump into your stretchy PJs, remember Easter break still calls for preparation. It’s time to sort out our post-Easter resources so we can actually unwind and enjoy some rest this festive holiday.

Don’t worry, be hoppy because Beyond has some egg-citing, post-Easter resources to help you prep for the return to the classroom.

Science Resources 🐣

Start your prep game strong with this engaging 30 Days of Science bundle. The selection of activity sheets were carefully created to develop understanding and encourage a love for scientific learning. There’s a new activity every day so learning remains fresh and engaging – it never gets monotonous. If you don’t cover everything in class, the activities can easily be used for home learning so you’ll have class and homework covered!

Post-Easter Resources: 30 Days of Science Activities Bundle

New Maths Resources 🐰

As Year 11 students approach the end of their secondary school careers, revision and assessment are top priority. It’s crunch time, and Beyond has some exciting new resources that can help. The interactive question bank for GCSE Maths is easy to navigate and comes complete with a corresponding mark scheme. This interactive resource gives teachers exam-style questions on different topics at the click of a mouse. There are foundation and higher questions so your students will benefit, no matter where they are with their learning.

Post-Easter Resources: Foundation GCSE Maths Revision and Assessment Exam Questions
Post-Easter Resources: Higher GCSE Maths Revision and Assessment Exam Questions

Freshly Updated English Resources 🍫

We’ve given a fresh coat of paint to our English AO lesson packs. The AO1 and AO2 English Language lesson packs prepare KS3 students for their next step with a clear overview of the Reading Assessment Objectives. Your pupils will learn how to identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas: skills that will serve them in their education and wider life. The resources are the first in a four-part series of lessons that thoroughly explore the skills required for success in the Reading Assessment Objectives assessed at English Language at KS4. The current KS3 pupils will most likely sit their GCSE exams as normal, so it’s in their best interest to start developing their skills now! Set your students up for the future with these engaging lesson packs.

Introduction to the Reading Assessment Objectives: AO1 Lesson Pack
Introduction to the Reading Assessment Objectives: AO2 Lesson Pack

You’re a few clicks away from completing your post-Easter prep with these new resources. Beyond has sorted all the stressful stuff so you can relax and unwind this Easter!

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