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“The fact remains that I did what I did. And mother did what she did. And the rest of you did what you did to her.”

Conduct a thorough investigation of J. B. Priestley’s classic play with the assistance of our An Inspector Calls Revision Guide. Written by subject specialists, the guide is for those of you preparing for your GCSE English examinations. It covers a wealth of information across grades 9-1, with specific guidance on how the assessment objectives relate to your exam answers and what will be expected of you when you sit your paper.

You’ll also get to explore the themes of the story in unison with the context, important quotes, and a practice-style section which tests your knowledge acquisition before showing you exam questions working in tandem with sample answers. The themes include:

  • Social class
  • Gender roles
  • Age and time
  • Morality and legality

Example Quote

Birling Quote


‘You’re just the kind of son-in-law I always wanted.’


Birling heartily approves of Sheila’s match with Gerald because of what it does for his own status. The Crofts are an aristocratic family, higher up the social ladder than nouveau riche families like the Birlings.


Each section of the An Inspector Calls Revision Guide has been constructed to give you the best possible chance of reaching your target grade during the GCSE English exams. Once purchased, you’ll instantly receive a digital download PDF of your guide, making your wait for delivery non-existent and alleviating the postage charge.

At 82 pages long, the resource lays out comprehensive structures to aid your understanding of the play. Additional pieces of help contain insight into the author himself – who, notably, enjoyed writing about social responsibility – the form and structure of the story, a glossary, and a ‘who’s who’ of the characters. This covers these significant figures:

  • Arthur Birling
  • Sybil Birling, his wife
  • Sheila Birling, his daughter
  • Eric Birling, his son
  • Gerald Croft
  • Edna, the maid
  • Inspector Goole
  • Eva Smith / Daisy Renton

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