AQA Love and Relationships Digital Revision Bundle



GCSE Love and Relationships Poems Revision Bundle

AQA GCSE Love and Relationships Poems

Whatever grade you’re aiming to achieve, the GCSE Love and Relationships Poems Revision Bundle has you covered. It combines our booklets covering grades 1-6 and 6-9, with some bonus material added to round off your revision experience.

The pack is a digital bundle, meaning there’s no need to wait for delivery and no shipping costs – you’ll receive your revision-based necessities instantly! Once downloaded, you’ll be able to get stuck into GCSE-focused guidance that includes:

  • A revision guide for grades 1-6
  • A revision guide for grades 6-9
  • Daily revision tasks
  • A vocabulary resource pack

The GCSE Love and Relationships Poems Revision Bundle provides a comprehensive learning experience, crafted by subject specialists for this part of AQA’s anthology. You can study each poem’s intricacies using the notes detailed in each section. Examine the language and structure of each poem in unison with each provided summary. Then, cement your understanding of the text by completing the simple- and long-answer questions for each poem. A handy sprinkling of exam tips and references to the assessment objectives will also help you get to grips with the marking systems as you prepare for the GCSE English exams.

Each revision guide offers a full breakdown of the Love and Relationships poems for this part of AQA’s anthology. This includes:

  • When We Two Parted by Lord Byron
  • Love’s Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • Porphyria’s Lover by Robert Browning
  • Sonnet 29: I Think of Thee! by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy
  • Letters From Yorkshire by Maura Dooley
  • The Farmer’s Bride by Charlotte Mew
  • Walking Away by C. Day-Lewis
  • Eden Rock by Charles Causley
  • Follower by Seamus Heaney
  • Mother, Any Distance by Simon Armitage
  • Before You Were Mine by Carol Ann Duffy
  • Winter Swans by Owen Sheers
  • Singh Song by Daljit Nagra
  • Climbing My Grandfather by Andrew Waterhouse

If you’re looking for each specific guide for your GCSE revision, you can also access each here. They contain the isolated guides found in the revision bundle.

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