Digital AQA Love and Relationships Poetry Revision Guide (Grades 1-6)



GCSE Poems – Love and Relationships Revision Guide (Grades 1-6)

AQA Poems - Love and Relationships

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the poems of Love and Relationships with this detailed GCSE revision guide. Covering grades 1-6 of AQA’s examination criteria (you can find the revision guide for grades 6-9 here), the resource offers a digital revision companion that will support you through each of the 15 poems. These include the following examples:

  • When We Two Parted by Lord Byron
  • Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy
  • Eden Rock by Charles Causley
  • Mother, Any Distance by Simon Armitage
  • Singh Song by Daljit Nagra

After reading through the GCSE poems of Love and Relationships in the body of this revision guide, a huge range of supporting information will help you gain an enhanced understanding of the content. We cover each poem’s context, the key language used and the structural elements that might be discussed in an exam.

A bevy of revision notes will further support your study, with general information providing a platform for the analysis of structure and tone used in addition to an in-depth look at the ideas of each poem. Furthermore, you’ll gain a great chance to practise writing effective exam answers as you aim to communicate what you’ve learnt from this part of AQA’s anthology.

For those of you seeking the revision packs for both grades 1-6 and 6-9, you can grab them in one convenient package here:

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