Digital Daily Maths Revision Grades 5 to 7 (Book 2)



Daily Maths Revision Grades 5 to 7 (Book 2)

Maths Revision Grades 5-7 - Book 2

Keep the momentum going in your GCSE exam preparation with weeks 6-10 of your daily maths revision for grades 5-7 (Book 1 covers weeks 1-5 and can be found right here!)

Hopefully you enjoyed/progressed/benefitted from/ground out(!) the first weeks and are feeling confident to tackle the next questions. These sections cover:

  • Week 6 (calculator)
    • The area of a sector
    • Simplifying algebraic fractions
    • Vector addition
    • The area of a triangle using 1/2 absinC
    • Venn diagram notation
  • Week 7 (non-calculator)
    • Rationalising surds
    • Fractional and negative indices
    • Congruent triangles
    • Density
    • Circle theorems
  • Week 8ย (calculator)
    • Box plots
    • Linear simultaneous equations
    • The difference of two squares
    • Circle theorems
    • Two-way tables
  • Week 9 (calculator)
    • Similar shapes
    • Pythagoras’ theorem in 3-dimensions
    • Capture recapture
    • Changing the subject of a formula
    • Expanding double brackets
  • Week 10 (non-calculator)
    • Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions
    • Bearing
    • Converting recurring decimals to fractions
    • Expanding triple brackets
    • Substituting into functions

Daily tasks range from finding the areas of sectors and the size of angles to drawing box plots and calculating probabilities. A fantastic range of tiered questions will enable you to practise the essentials before trying your hand at more difficult problems.

When you’ve finished, check your work using this post: Daily Maths Revision – Grades 5 to 7.

If you haven’t already, you can start at week 1 right here: Daily Maths Revision – Grades 5 to 7 (Book 1).

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